Monday, April 19, 2010

Back At It

Baseball season is already in full swing with our family and Carter is not even playing right now! He is getting to be bat boy for the FHU Lions' JV team and is loving it! I remembered to bring my cammera - FINALLY - to a game to catch these precious moments!

Hunter greets him in the dugout after getting a bat.
They have their own special handshake - this is the end.
Talking the game over with Hunter and Adam

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carter's Dream Ride

Nicole came by yesterday to see us. Since her mom is on a cruise this week, she got the car!! We went out to see her new ride and Carter fell in love! He looked at it and declared, "I want a car like this!" Nicole gave him a quick ride around the circle in it and he was hooked!
As you can tell, he was so excited!

Census 2010

My friend, Melissa, had a great idea when the Census came in the mail and I took it running! I talked to the kids about what this was and the importance of it. Then, I had them help me to fill it out and then placed it in the mail!
As we do family history, we get census reports and I thought it would just be a neat idea to have the kids holding the census to see what they looked like for their first because when the next one rolls around they will be 18 and 16!!! I don't even want to think about that right now!

Introducing . . . . .

the newest member of the Willis family (thanks to Richard and Amy) . . . . .

James Walker Willis

We are so excited about Walker's arrival come this fall! We can't wait to heap all of our love on you!
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