Thursday, October 28, 2010

Remembering My Wedding Vows

This October I am remembering the vows I made over 11 years ago when Damon and I pledged our lives together.  It was the happiest day of my life at that point in my life.  

I had my wonderful friends around me . . . .

Precious younger friends who meant (and still mean) the world to me . . .

I remember literally jumping up and down with excitement as I waited to walk down the aisle.
I remember hearing the music that I had worried over so much because I wanted 
the meanings to be perfect. 
(My Nana was a bit worried because we did have music 
from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 
and she was a tad concerned 
with the word "thieves" being in my wedding program!!
She was even more worried when our walk out music came on - a WHOLE
other post for another time!)

I remember our reception and how friends and family from literally
everywhere came to be with us on this very special day

I will always remember July 9, 1999.
How happy we were.
Writing our own vows to each other.
I even remember most of mine . . .

If you need me . . . . I will be there.
If you fall . . . . I will pick you up.
If you need a shoulder to cry on . . . . I will lend you mine.
If you need to talk  . . . . I will listen 
(I actually think I said that one backwards, but I meant it like this)
And if the Rangers ever make the World Series . . . . I will cheer for them.

So, with that said, this October this MAJOR Braves fan will . . . .

Pull out my bear claw when the Rangers get a hit of ANY kind. . . .

will proudly display my antlers when the Rangers show speed like none other . . . .
and I will proudly wear the red, white and blue
while I shout with all my heart and soul,
"Let's go, Rangers!"

and, hopefully, at the end of the World Series I can say,
"The Rangers are number 1!"
Thanks, LB, for taking this pictures for me!

Let's Go Rangers!
Beat the Giants!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Cards? Me Me Me!!!

I was on my friend's, Kimberly, blog and saw that Shutterfly was giving away
50 Free Christmas Cards
I had to check it out because Shutterfly is one of my most very favorite websites of all!!  I have always loved what they have to offer and have even ordered my Christmas cards from there one year.  Of course, I wanted to share this WONDERFUL information with all of you.  You can click here to find out how to do it yourself.  I am not sure exactly how it works, but I know Shutterfly is wonderful!  Enjoy and have fun creating your perfect Christmas card this year!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trick or Trunk - a Real Treat

Our teens from church hosted the annual Trick or Trunk tonight.  Due to rain, it turned into Trick or Table, but a good time was had by ALL!
 LB, Madlyn, and LeighAnne
 Harry and Hermione
 We love Houston!
 I LOVE Harry!
 Such good friends - LB and Katy
 My Best Friend - Arika
My Kids - LB, Cecily and Carter

Afterwards, we stopped by Papa's house to show him the kids' costumes.  He has had 2 special guests the past 3 weeks.  We have loved getting to know them and learn a little bit more about Korea.  I would write their names but I would butcher it!!

Big AL in Tennessee

Carter told me last year that he wanted to be Big Al for Halloween.  I really did not pay it much attention since our mind changes daily!  However, Halloween rolled around and his mind did not change - even with the Rangers going to the World Series.  This costume is proof that I cannot do anything with fabric!  However, he was THRILLED, and according to him, "That is what really matters!"

My Own Hermione

Laura Beth chose one of my favorite literary characters for her Halloween costume this year.  I am so excited about all the Harry Potter stuff coming up and this just got me more excited.  She absolutely LOVED her Hermione costume and did not want to take it off!  Thank you, Aunt Diane and Houston, for letting us borrow the costume! It was a HUGE hit!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Carter, on the Bucket!"

That is what Coach Eads always told the boys when they were coming up to bat.  It is one of the many things I will miss about baseball this year.  Yesterday we needed 6 months - yes, 6 consecutive months of playing baseball mostly with the same guys.  We were so blessed with great coaches, great teammates and wonderful parents who have become such good friends.  The boys did very well this fall - only losing 1 game!  I enjoyed the months of baseball but I am looking forward to a break as well!
Carter on the bucket - always ready to go!
Got to play catcher again!
Big sister, LB, sporting her Big Sister shirt!
Ready to take off from second
The team - minus Ty
Carter and Cade

Carter got to work on his left-handed swing this fall.  
He loved batting from the other side of the plate, and did very well!

Congrats on a great season!

Fall Fun with First Grade

I was blessed to be able to go with Carter on his field trip to Circle Y last week.  He has a sweet class and I loved being able to spend time with them.  Circle Y is in Corinth, MS, and has everything imaginable for kids (and adults) to enjoy.  We went on a train ride, played miniature golf, played on all kinds of bouncers, had a picnic, took a hayride, fed catfish, picked pumpkins and got to play with different kinds of animals.  It was a great day!
 Tyricus, Carter and Harold on the ride to the pumpkin patch.
 Pearce, Carter and Drew with their choice of pumpkins
 Carter holding the chickens.  He loved it!
 Being sweet with the bunny
Mrs. Rogers' First Grade Class - What a crew!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Favorite Season of the Year

Great are the works of the Lord;
they are pondered by all who delight in them.
Glorious and majestic are His deeds,
and His righteousness endures forever.
Psalm 111:2-3
Praise the Lord from the heavens,
praise Him in the heights above. . . 
Praise Him, sun and moon, . . .
Praise Him, you highest heavens. . . 
Psalm 148:1-3
The heavens declare the glory of God; 
the skies proclaim the works of His hands.
Psalm 19:1
But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
the purposes of His heart through all generations.
Psalm 33:11
For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
so great is His love for those who fear Him;
as far as the east is from the west, . . . .
so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.
Psalm 103:11-14
 . . . From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets. . . .
God shines forth.
Psalm 50:1-2

Monday, October 18, 2010

Walker's First Visit to Henderson

Walker was so good to bring his mom and dad to Henderson this weekend to celebrate Gran's big birthday!  We had a busy weekend between ball games, birthday celebrations and other this and that things, but it was good to see them!
 Mom with her birthday cake and birthday crown
LB made for her!
 Perfect nap position!
 These boys love each other already!
and these two . . . . well, they have a bond
like none other!

Thanks for coming! Wish you weren't so far away!

A GRAN Birthday

Mom celebrated a big birthday this weekend (won't tell you HOW big).  To celebrate Gran, the kids helped me create a personalized tribute to the woman of the weekend.  We used a kit from Jenni Bowlin to create this accordion frame.  I used my cricut to cut out the letters to spell "GRAN," and the paper and embellishments came Jenni Bowlin, too.  I asked the kids to describe Gran for me and they came up with
G is for Good Helper
R is for Remarkable
A is for Always There for Us
N is for Nice

Happy Birthday, Gran!
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