Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Victory

Last year the CCJHS girls' soccer team was the first public school to ever beat all the private schools in Jackson.  They were pretty pumped about that feat!
We hit the ground running with one of those teams as our second game of the season.
That team came out firing at the beginning...

We want to pause this post for you all to see THE BOW in LB's hair!!!
I promise you she has not worn one since she was 5.
(That is NOT much of an exaggeration!)

We managed to pull out the victory
5-1 against TCA!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

CCJHS Soccer Begins

Well school has been in session for a few weeks so that means it is time
for soccer season to begin!!!
LB took the #30 this year because with the new jerseys #9 was an extra large, and 
let's be honest - 
So we started the season vs Lexington like we did last year.
The big girls were back but we took them on anyways!

Going in for the goal!!!!


We won 11-0!!!
Great start to the season!

First Day of School 2014

Well, here it is August 5 and our first FULL day of school is now upon us!
Carter and I actually had a half day yesterday but LB did not have to go (lucky dog!), 
so we stopped today and took the traditional first day of school pictures!

LB beginning 7th grade!

Carter beginning 5th grade
LB loves having her picture taken!

Then we tried a selfie with the 3 of us.
It took 3 tries for SOMEONE (LB) to cooperate!

Happy First Day of School, everyone!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walker and Lucy Come to Town

I hate that so much of our family lives far away.
I really don't know how we did it growing up but we did. 
We cherish EVERY moment we can get with our family.
Walker and Lucy got to come visit us right before school started and we had
the best time with them!

We picked vegetables from Gran and Grandad's garden.

We played and played and played.

We had a silly string fight in the front yard.

We are so thankful for any time we get with them.
I wish I could save the laughter and the "I love you's" that came each day.

The Last Day of Summer

We spent our last day of summer trying to cross off things on our bucket list.
This was actually one of the few days we were all together this summer.
We started the day at Pinson Mounds just down the road from us.
None of us really knew what to expect but the kids LOVED it!
We will be going back for sure!

Climbing up Saul's Mound

We can't believe summer is almost over!

From there, we hit up SkyZone (thank you, Groupon!).
The kids have been BEGGING to go and were pleasantly surprised!

To everyone's surprise, the Walkers showed up, too, and we all had a wonderful time together!

We hit up Sparky's after jumping and just enjoyed catching up with such wonderful friends!

What a summer!
Sorry to see it end but on to bigger things....
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