Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time to Trim the Tree

Each year we make a BIG deal when it comes to trimming the family Christmas tree. Pardon me for not having us all (with the exception of Damon) dressed in the cutest Christmas clothes but there was a pretty big football game going on right after we were done. I laughed thinking we usually have on burnt orange Texas gear as we trim the tree for the Texas/Texas A&M game, but this year we at least were sporting Christmas colors. We tend to go somewhat all out for decorating the tree: food, music, and everything Christmas!! Here we are with our ornaments of the year. My Grandmama Whittle started this and it has continued. If you look at the collage below, you will see my mom hanging the first ornament of the year which was an "always remember" ornament she bought in memory of Grandmama. I also thought it was appropriate that Laura Beth's ornament was an angel doll. Grandmama loved dolls and called her girls "her angels." This year it was Laura Beth's turn to put the angel on top of the tree.
The menu for the Christmas tree decorating:
Hot Apple Cider:
a gallon of apple cider
a bag of red hots
Heat the cider and add the red hots. Stir until red hots have dissolved.
Chicken Ball:
5 oz can of chicken
8 oz cream cheese
1 tsp. Worchestershire Sauce
1/2 t. minced onion
Mix all ingredients together (use your hands for the best results). Roll into a ball and let set in the refrigerator. Roll in nuts or parsley. Serve with crackers.
Cheese Ball with crackers
Vegetable Tray
BBQ Smoked Sausages
Cheese Squares
Sugar Cookies

The Christmas Tree Farm

This morning we received a phone call from my aunt and uncle (RoRo and Bub) asking if the kids and I wanted to go to the Christmas tree farm with them. This is something they have been doing for almost 15 years with their boys. However, neither of their boys were able to be there this year so they asked us to go with them. We jumped at the opportunity and what fun we had! We got to the farm and went inside the cabin to wait for our ride. Laura Beth declared that the cabin was just like Laura Ingalls Wilder's.
The top of picture is of Laura Beth and Mr. Ward, the nice owner of the farm. I thought he resembled another man we see around Christmas, but . . . . . . We loaded the mule pulled wagon to go to the trees.
Off we went to find the perfect tree. Not too short . . . not too tall . . . no holes . . . straight trunk. We found a couple of them and the choice was made to get this one.
When they cut it, we counted the rings to see how old it was. We decided it was four years old. We took it back to the cabin area where they shook all the old needles out of it and bagged it for us.
Here we are telling Jim and Kate (the mules) thanks for the ride and the great time. While we waited for our tree to be bagged and all, we enjoyed hot chocolate, hot apple cider and candy canes inside the cabin. What a wonderful morning we had! We may just have to start our own tradition!

Thanksgiving in Texas

Tuesday after the wedding, we took Laura Beth out of school early (I know we are bad, but you would not want to drive through Memphis at 5:00 either!) to head to Texas. We rarely get to go to Texas over Thanksgiving because of Damon having to work up until the Wednesday before. It makes for a long trip for everyone and a very long recovery. However, we were able to go this year and we all enjoyed a house full of four generations for our Thanksgiving meal.Mama C, Damon's mom, had lots of "help" in the kitchen. Laura Beth did a great job setting the table and doing other odd jobs for Mama C. Granny Welch, who came in 6 hours to see all of us, was the biggest help for Mama C and we were all VERY thankful to have this special lady with us. We have all learned to take advantage of every opportunity you have and I will always take pictures with grandparents and great grandparents when given the opportunity. We will treasure these pictures of Granny Welch with her son, grandsons and great grandchildren.

Things I am blessed with and thankful for:
1. a vehicle to keep us safe on trips
2. safety on long trips
3. not having to stop to eat (it makes the 6 hour trip SO much faster)
4. music to fill our car
5. when the children sleep on trips
6. a quiet back seat on trips (means they are getting along)
7. getting through Memphis by 1:00
8. getting in by dark
9. family greetings
10. cousins
11. In-laws who are glad you came
12. a sarcastic older brother in law
13. my sister in law, Rebecca (we share so much - including names!!)
14. my children building relationships with family
15. Target
16. Starbucks
17. coffemate for coffee (thanks, Amy!)
18. not having to get up at 3:45 to go shopping
19. the alarm going off at 6:30 instead!
20. Canasta card games
21. divided houses for rival football games
22. Colt McCoy's Christian example to my children
23. A Texas stomping of A&M (my husband was happy!)
24. a quick healing tongue (LB bit 2 holes in her tongue while playing)
25. children sleeping past 7:00
26. Lifeway Christian Bookstore's Black Friday sales
27. finishing one Christmas present while in Texas
28. my children WANTING to watch the Macy's parade with me
29. snuggle times with my Addison
30. pillow fights with my Addison and Johnathan

Thankful for Carter

Last Monday, Damon and I were very blessed to be able to eat lunch with our Carter. His preschool held a Thanksgiving feasts for all the students and parents the last hour of school. Not only were we able to eat with our little guy, we were able to spend time with Lawson and Brandon Young (pictured in the collage), two of our special friends. I know with the wedding and all, I have slacked big time on my thankful/blessing lists. Therefore, I am going to try to catch up a bit:
1. Carter
2. Carter's preschool
3. Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Amanda, Carter's teachers
4. Good friends for my children
5. Damon was off the WHOLE week of Thanksgiving - a first EVER!!
6. Good food
7. Time to spend with Carter
8. Laura Beth
9. No homework on the Monday of Thanksgiving
10. The internet
11. Being able to see Richard and Amy's professional wedding pictures 2 days after the wedding

Monday, November 24, 2008

The End to a Beautiful Day

They left the reception in a golf cart with the men on Richard's side of the family guarding them with golf clubs (see bottom left picture). This is a long standing tradition beginning with my wedding where Uncle Jim had a get away car for Damon and myself. Instead of a get away car, the men stood guard so no one would get the newlyweds. Carter thought he was MAJOR big stuff when he was included! The wedding began at 10 and the newlyweds were on their way by 12. It was a lovely morning and a lovely wedding. I have never seen a bride or groom so excited and emotional on their wedding day. I know they are going to continue to be so happy and I am so glad Amy "waltzed" into Richard's and our lives. May God bless you both always. We love you!

The Most Beautiful Reception EVER!

These pictures do not do justice to the reception that was held in the ballroom. It was just gorgeous!! We had lovely background music from the string ensemble that played at the wedding. We feasted at the omlet station, pancake station, chocolate fountain, carved roast beef and a buffet of chicken, wild rice, roasted vegetables, potatoes, and stuffed mushrooms.

There was a hot chocolate and coffee bar along with a juice and milk bar to help wash the amazing food down!
The cakes were amazing. Amy's was chocolate and Richard's was cookies n cream! For those of you who do not know my brother, he is a MAJOR movie buff, so his cake was perfect for him!

We enjoyed being able to be with our family who came in for the wedding. All of Richard's aunts and uncles were able to make it. We also loved being with our new family - the Wheatley's. We have not just gained Amy, but her whole family. Laura Beth wanted to know if Claire was her cousin now!!!
Laura Beth and her new "cousin," Claire

Celebrate Good Times!

Photos by Bub

Just thought these were great pictures!!

Here Comes the Bride - FINALLY!!!!

10:00 finally came Saturday morning and it was time for the wedding to start. The tent was gorgeous with flowers hanging from the ceiling as well as decorating the front. Carter was so funny. He told me he thought the tent was going to be a rainbow striped tent - like a circus tent. I guess that is the only kind of big tent he knows!!!! Everyone walked in to beautiful music from a string quartet.
One of the ministers from 10th Street in Opelika, AL, Claude Flynn, performed the sweetest ceremony we all had ever heard and, in the end, they were pronounced man and wife:

Mr. and Mrs. James Richard Willis Appropriately, we all walked out to the Hallelujah Chorus.
Photos by Bub (AKA: Gary McKnight), Damon Welch and Jim Willis

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost Time

Because the wedding began at 10:00, we had an early morning!!! The guys were the first to have their pictures taken and then they were able to relax. Photos by Jonathan McKnight

The girls had so much fun getting ready for the wedding - talking, eating Panera Bread (we have GOT to get one of those in Jackson!), helping Amy and just being together. Isn't she just glowing! Amy with some of her bridesmaids - Lyndsey (her sister), me and Emily (her best friend from high school).
We were ready for the event to take place!!!!

Ready to Rehearse

We all met Friday night at Wynlake Country Club in Montgomery for the rehearsal. It was a bit chilly but we all huddled together and kept warm. Laura Beth thought it would be funny to wear her smocked Alabama dress to the rehearsal (both Amy and Richard are Auburn grads and Amy was on the Auburn swim team). Everything went well and everyone was ready for the real deal the next day. After the rehearsal, we headed to the rehearsal dinner. Chuck (my youngest brother) found my camera. He and Laura Beth made typical pictures of when the two of them get together.
Isn't it a shame my children don't like their uncles!!! The dinner was held at Landmark church of Christ. It was right there by the country club and the lady who helped us get everything together goes to church there. It was nice to have family as well as the wedding party there. We made place cards for the immediate family using sweet gum balls. We tied the names onto the stems using ribbon from the colors of the wedding (see picture in the top left hand corner of the collage). Lyndsey, Amy's older sister, read a poem she had written to Amy and we celebrated birthdays at the close. Richard's and Chuck's birthdays are next week.
Photos by Bub, Me and Damon Welch

A Lunch with the Guys

Photos by Bub and Jonathan McKnight
While the girls were enjoying a lovely lunch together, the guys got together for lunch. The first two choices for lunch were not a possibility between long lines and peanuts, so they wound up at Chili's but still enjoyed just being together. This was also a congradulatory thing for Richard. He had just pulled in from Auburn. He had to meet with two of his professors who had been reading his dissertation. They only had a few minor changes to it, so Richard is closer and closer to defending!!!! Keep him in your prayers!

A Lovely Luncheon

Friday morning, Amy's aunts treated the ladies of the wedding and the family to a lovely bridesmaids' luncheon at Dawson's of Rose Hill in Montgomery. It is a lovely home that has been transformed into a restraunt and the food is wonderful. Our company was even better. It was so nice to just be with the girls for a special time of food, fellowship and fun. So many of the family were able to be there as well which made the lunch even more special. We appreciate Sha-Sha and Rita for making this time so special for all of us.

BTW - More wedding pictures to come. Keep coming back to check on them. My Montgomery friends, you have got to go there sometime!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick Posts about Give-a-ways

We are getting packed and ready to go to Montgomery for the weekend. I wanted to let you all in on some GREAT giveaways:

Kat is giving away an AMAZING Twilight giveaway. I have not gotten in on the Twilight things yet, but oh do I plan to!!! Check it out!! She is also giving away things for the next few weeks, so go by frequently!!!

Julie is having a pay it forward contest. She has some great things for you and then you gather some things to give to others.

Skip to My Lou is having a slew of giveaways, so check them out daily!!

Good luck?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beautiful Fall Pictures

We were blessed last Monday to have Miss C's daddy take the kids' pictures before the beautiful fall leaves went away. I just love the pics he took. These are just a few (he took 300 in 15 minutes!!) of my favorite ones!

I will probably not be posting much else for the rest of the week. We are gearing up for my brother's wedding this weekend in Montgomery. We will head out of H town on Thursday and come back on Saturday. I am sure I will have pics up Saturday night of the wedding!! I am taking the computer so maybe I will have a chance to upload a few pictures of different events. My gurlfriends in Montgomery, I would love to meet up with some of you if there is a way. We will have some free time on Friday. Just let me know. Please keep Richard and Amy in your prayers as they are preparing not only for the wedding but their marriage. Also keep everyone traveling (there will be a ton of us) in your prayers. Thanks so much!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Following the Yellow Brick Road

I’ll Get You My Pretty

Dorothy had a witch after her to make her journey a little harder. We have Satan after us.
I Peter 5:8 says Satan is like a lion watching out to get us. In the movie, the witch came after Dorothy with the poppy field, making her sleepy. She actually got Dorothy to come into her castle and locked her up. How are some ways Satan comes after us today?
We have to be on guard. We must be prepared. How can we prepare ourselves to guard against him? One way to guard against Satan is to use our mind, heart and courage to face him each and every day.

You Had the Power All Along. You Had to Find it For Yourself

At the end of the movie, Glinda tells Dorothy that she has had the power the whole time to go home. She had to recognize it though before she could use it. She did not know what she had been given or who she was. How many times do we go about and not realize the power we have available to us. We have the power we need along our journey home and we should know that we have it in us and use it. Dorothy did not know of the power she had, but the Wicked Witch of the West knew the kind of power she had. Dorothy could have stood up to the Wicked Witch, but she did not know she could. Some of us don’t know or sometime we forget about the power we have, but Satan knows the power we have the ability to tap into. He knows because of God’s giving of His only Son that he can do nothing to us. However, we help Satan out sometimes because we forget whose we are and what we have and we do not fight him. We, like Dorothy, don’t stand against Satan when we have the power within us to help defeat him. What about this power in us . . .

Psalm 103:1-5 – God has forgiven our sins, healed us, redeemed us, covers us with compassion and love – if that is not power, I don’t know what is!!!
Philippians 4:13 – God gives us strength
Joshua 1:9 – God is with us
2 Chronicles 15:7 – be strong
Psalm 27:14 – be strong and have courage

The power is there – we just have to ask for it. We have to tap into it. We have to daily take part in it by

Isaiah 58:5-9 – You will call on the Lord and He will answer you.
Reading the Bible – Psalm 119:11 – hide it in our hearts
Praying – Mark 1:35 – Jesus prayed

How else can we tap into this power? Dorothy did not have a road map to the Emerald City or to get home, but we do have a road map to help us get to heaven. We have to notice it and use it!

Past Lessons:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homecoming 2008 - Seems Like Old Times

Saturday we woke up to very cold weather, but we braved it anyways to see our college kids take part in their Homecoming activities. The morning began with Pep It Up - a pep rally where each social club showed their school spirit. PKA's theme was "All Aboard with FHU." They did a great job with it - making a big train and dressing as train engineers. After the pep rally, all the students went and lined the walk for the lion walk - leading the basketball players to the sports center. Saturday afternoon was spent at the basketball games. Over the years, we have been blessed to have developed close relationships with many of the basketball players. Most of these have since graduated and moved on in the world. However, they all came back this weekend and it was so good to see them!! One of them is getting married in May, so we had an early wedding shower for her bringing Christmas ornaments, gift cards and things like that for her!! Also, at the games the Homecoming court was presented, so we were able to see our kids be presented again. We were just so proud, and then became even prouder as PKA won the Homecoming trophy. They won this by participating in various activities throughout the week. It was a very close competition so we were very proud of them!
After the basketball game, we prepared for PKA's 70th reunion. I have been making chili for almost 2 weeks to serve at this reunion. The students did a great job planning everything from the menu to the decorations. We had so many former club members come back to visit. DH and I had a good group of our class come back, so it was a very enjoyable evening. After the reunion, PKA held Hootenanny, a concert featuring alumni. The kids and I did not stay long for that since it had already been a long day, but what a day it was!!!

Blessings for Saturday, November 15:
1. Remembering before it was any later that I had forgotten to put the chili out to thaw the night before.
2. A husband who is a great help with the kids when you are trying to get 1000 different things ready for the day.
3. Warm clothes on a chili day
4. Ways to use your creative ability
5. Amazing kids who think my kids are amazing
6. Godly college role models
7. A warm house to warm us back up
8. 18 and 20 quart roasters that made warming the chili up easier!
9. Special friends who come back
10. Picking up after months and years like no time had passed
11. Special men who help shaped who we are today (Coach Kirk and Coach Smith)
12. People who will do anything in the world for you
13. Good clean fun
14. Hard workers
15. My heating pad!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Seems Like Old Times Banquet 2008

Some of our kids
All the sides of our boys

Our Beautiful Girls
Tonight was the Homecoming Banquet were the court was presented. We had four of our kids who were elected to be on the court and so we attended. We had a blast sitting with some of the family of those on the court and sharing in this special time with them.
My blessings for today:
1. The weather being cooler than it was suppose to be
2. Special morning snuggle time with Miss Priss
3. Special morning snuggle time with Little Man
4. Getting to go to Rev It Up with Little Man and Miss C
5. DH did not get hurt in Rev It Up
6. Eating the traditional Homecoming lunch with good friends
7. Seeing former students already back
8. Erin coming over for a catch up time (Erin is a former student who we were very close to. She is now back home in Michigan and we miss her.)
9. Thankful that I am almost done making chili for the reunion
10. Special time with DH tonight
11. Grandparents who will keep the kids
12. Families who raised such wonderful young men and women that we get to know and love
13. Being asked to share in special moments with our college kids
14. Seeing Miss Priss and Little Man having their own slumber party tonight.

Homecoming Rev It Up 2008

This weekend is FHU's Homecoming. There have been activities all week long, but the weekend activities were kicked off this morning with the annual Rev It Up competition. The social clubs build soap box cars and the sponsors drive them down the hill on University Street. DH was the one to drive PKA's car and Little Man was so excited!! He loves this part of the year!! DH and PKA did very well. They won all 3 races they raced in and beat the others by a good second. Little Man will be quick to tell you, "Daddy won all 3 races!!" This weekend will prove to be a good, but busy, one. Tonight we have Homecoming banquet. Tomorrow there will be basketball games, the Lion Walk, a pep rally, and PKA's 70th reunion. It will definitely "Seem(s) Like Old Times."

My Cup Runneth Over

Thursday, November 13, 2008:
1. Burger King breakfast days
2. Play group day
3. The kids's friends at playgroup
4. My friends at playgroup
5. Understanding of and from others in the same boat I am in
6. Extra cash to help make a someone's day a little brighter
7. My minivan - to help carry others around
8. Miss Priss's AMAZING teacher - who won teacher of the week this week!!!
9. The big playset situated right outside the kitchen window
10. The Gover Family
11. Little Man's special bag of peanut free cookies
12. Front yard football games
13. Leftovers for supper on a crazy day
Wednesday, November 12, 2008:
1. Miss C coming back to see us
2. Being able to go to work in Miss Priss's classroom
3. Miss C being such a good girl allowing me to take her to Miss Priss's classroom
4. A little child falling asleep in my lap
5. Movies that come in the mail!!
6. Musicals to watch during nap and quiet time
7. A super easy Chicken Parmesan recipe - using chicken strips!!
8. Great Wednesday night teachers for my children
9. Ladies Bible class in the morning
10. Ladies Bible class at night
11. Power of prayer
12. Hearing my children pray to God

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If I Only Had a Heart and the Nerve.

If I Only Had a Heart

Photos by Google
While the Scarecrow had an empty head that was being filled with the wrong thing, the Tin Man needed something to fill his empty chest. We need someone to fill our hearts. Jesus should hold the highest part of our hearts.
Matthew 6:19-21 – treasures in heaven – v. 21 being the key
For where your treasure is there your heart will be also

The Rich Young Ruler in Matthew 19:16-26 – He kept the laws but his heart did not completely belong to Jesus and it kept him from entering heaven.
What fills our hearts today? It is different for everyone. – sports, school, family, friends, ourselves, etc.
If I Only Had the Nerve

The Lion acted like he was king of the forest as he came bounding out of the forest, but was scared back in when he saw little Toto. We see a Bible character who at times was like this lion.
Peter in Matthew 26:31-33 says that he will never fall away but in Matthew 26:69-75 we see Peter does fall away, denying Jesus 3 times.
Are we sometimes like Peter and this lion? Do we say we are going to stand for Jesus and then run back into a crowd when the going gets tough?
We have got to stand firm and stand tall. We have got to have the nerve to be courageous even when the world around us is falling down.

Past Lessons

Blessings for Tuesday, November 11, 2008
1. Being able to sleep in - at least till 6:00
2. Buttered biscuits with homemade strawberry jam
3. Story time at the library
4. Books - any and every kind
5. My children's love for books
6. Family close by
7. Tuesday lunches with Papa and Jacquita
8. Movies that put Little Man to sleep
9. People who love teaching children as much as I do
10. A little rain shower
11. Knowing my children have people who love them no matter where they go

Blessings Catch Up

I know I am behind in writing my blessings or things I am thankful for. This weekend was a crazy one but I want to catch up in this endeavor. I have found that is has helped me look back on a day and really search for the good out of these days - even days when it seems like there is nothing good in it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008
1. The kids decided to sleep until after 8:00 a.m.
2. We were able to take it easy this morning with nothing to do and nowhere to go.
3. Sales to help buy Christmas presents!!!!
4. Friends who support each other in good times
5. Weddings to remind those who are married about their vows
6. A Vol fan who let Bama fans watch part of the game in his office!!!
7. Bama friends who fret and rejoice with you
8. Friends at basketball games
Sunday, November 9, 2008
1. The Lord's day
2. A Bible class that teaches God's word
3. God's word and it's relevance today
4. This quote from my papa, "Your children are the book you are writing. What are you writing in it?"
5. Congregational singing
6. Family Sunday dinners
7. A church family who reaches out to help a member of the family who needs it
8. College kids who sit with us as a family at church
9. Hearing my children sing at church
Monday, November 10, 2008
1. Learning about the power of prayer
2. Little Man's preschool
3. Little Man's teachers at preschool
4. 4 hours all to myself
5. The Starbucks gift card DH gave me on my way out to shop
6. Wal-Mart for having Miss Priss's Christmas wish list things
7. The CD player I FINALLY found that did not have a microphone!!
8. Target's dollar bins
9. Starbucks in Target
10. Crafty friends

Monday, November 10, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain

If I Only Had a Brain

If you missed the first part of our journey down the yellow brick road, you missed how we all long for a place over the rainbow. The second leg of our journey deals with the loveable scarecrow. The scarecrow in the movie has become a favorite to so many. He was the first one Dorothy met and grew to be her favorite by the end of the movie as well. Why is he a favorite? I think it is because we can relate to him so well. He kept saying that he needed something to fill his head besides straw. It kept getting in the way of him thinking and being who he wanted to be. We can say the same thing. We need to be in control of our minds, but how hard is that when the world around us tries to fill our heads with things like straw that don’t need to be in there! We are told in Romans 8:6 to be careful with what fills our heads because:

For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.

This verse is very clear in telling us if our heads are filled with things of this world we are doomed, but God always gives us a reward for doing what He asks and our reward for filling our heads with godly and spiritual things is a peaceful life. In Philippians 4:8 God tells us that excellent things should control our minds and that we should think on Heavenly things, Colossians 3:2. What are some excellent things to think upon and how can we do that? It is not easy. Isaiah 55:8 tells us:

My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways.

The Scarecrow made his “no brains” his excuse. What do we use as an excuse for not thinking excellent things?

At some points in the movie it seemed as though the Scarecrow just did not want to think. This hits home with us BIG TIME! We want someone else to do the thinking for us. We live in a society today where we take what we are given and we take it as truth. As Christian women, we cannot do this. We cannot be like the crowd and yell out, “Crucify Him!” just because everyone else is. We must be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 and “search the scriptures daily” to see if what is being taught is truth.

We need to set our minds on things above so we can follow the narrow road to our goal of heaven.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Back and We are so Excited!!

Friday's blessings include the start of the FHU Lion Basketball season!!! We love going to the games and were able to see both the ladies and the men play last night!!!

1. Freed-Hardeman University
2. Friday night basketball games - free entertainment
3. College players who are wonderful role models for my children
4. Older kids who treat my children so well (see the picture above)
5. Kim's and my "assigned" seats for the games
6. Watching my children enjoy cheering for their heroes
7. Good friends of all ages who come together for a night of fun

Friday, November 7, 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Photos from Google

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

A few years ago, Laura Beth was a major fan of the Wizard of Oz. She watched it almost every day and we learned all we could about this movie. I was given a topic to teach teens about staying on the narrow path. I was to teach it twice. The first time I taught it I just was not happy with it. I came home and wanted to completely change it and while watching the movie with Laura Beth, I came upon these thoughts for you today. I hope this brings back some good memories for you as we look at the movie and as well as our spiritual journey this morning.

Dorothy had a goal in the movie. What was it? To go home.

We have a goal in our lives. What is it? To get to heaven. How we live on earth will determine our destination when this life is over. Allow me to share some thoughts with you on how we can better live our lives on earth so our destination can be heaven when this life is over.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Dorothy had a dream of a place that was far better than what she had here on earth. She kept thinking of a place “somewhere over the rainbow.” We have a place waiting for us that is much better than anything we have here on earth and that place is heaven. What do you think heaven will be like?
What does the Bible tell us heaven will be like?

Hebrews 11:16 – a city
Revelation 21:11 – made of costly stone; jasper
Revelation 21:18-21 – pure gold, clear glass; 12 fountains; 12 gates with pearls; streets of gold
Revelation 21:23-25 – God was the light; no night there
Revelation 22:2, 4 – tree of life bearing fruit and He shall be there

In order for Dorothy to get home, she had to follow a specific path. For us to reach our heavenly home, we must take a specific path and on that path we need the same things Dorothy and her friends needed on their path home.
I was blessed to present this lesson to our ladies' Bible class Wednesday morning. This is one of my favorite lessons to present and I thought I would share them with you. I will be posting a part of the lesson every couple of days or so. So, come back and comment on how you are walking down the yellow brick road as we strive for our special "somewhere over the rainbow."
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