Monday, May 31, 2010

Second Grade Field Day

Laura Beth also enjoyed her Field Day! The girls in Mrs. Dee's Second Grade class
Mrs. Dee, Laura Beth, Itavia and Shelby

This class DOMINATED in tug of war!

After a run through the fire hose

On our way to school this day, Laura Beth was in the back seat talking to Carter. She was really getting him ready for field day. As we pulled up to the school, she looked at Carter and said,
"Carter, the main thing about Field Day - It is AWESOME!"
and it was!

Kindergarten Field Day

Field Day is one of my favorite days of the year! This year was crazy running between 2 different classes, but it was so much fun!
The fire truck came and sprayed the hose so the kids could cool off.
It was a HUGE hit on this wet day!
Cecily even got to run through it!
Carter running the 50 yard dash for his class.
He won so he got to race against the other Kindergarten boys
who won in their classes . . .
Carter and Tyricus racing to the very end!

John and Carter - 2 completely different kids
but such good friends.

The Last FHU Game

I took the kids to Union University on a school night for a double-header baseball game. I know - Crazy! However, there are just times you have to bite the bullet and do things so you won't regret later. This is one of those times. I am not ready to say good-bye to these seniors. They really have become part of our family and I am not ready to let them go. These will be the last games we will get to see them play and I will be there. It has not hit Carter that he will not see these guys play again, but that is probably for the best.
Carter stayed like this for a good part of the first game watching
Charlie pitch.
He watches every move they make. Even though Charlie is not a senior,
he is from Florida, so the chances of seeing him this summer are slim to none!
Carter, Nicole and Jake take in the game
Dean, Laura Beth and Lane take a break between games.
They really work up a sweat!
I love this picture of Hunter, Carter and Bush talking things over between games.
They are always so good to take time with him.

Some Shots of the Spring

First baseman Carter Welch - I know I am a bit biased but he has done such a good
job this year! He loves first base!!
This swing ended up being his first homerun of the
season . . . .
Here he is crossing the plate at the end of the homerun!
YAY, Carter and Don Taylor Heating and Air team!!

Victorian Tea Party

Well, despite rain, wind, flood, hail, tornadoes and other weather elements, the annual FHU Associates' tea party did go on as planned. Because of lack of power, we were a little late for the party but enjoyed ourselves anyway. For the first time in 8 years, the tea party could not be held in the historic Hardeman House. Therefore, everything was moved across the street to the Henderson church of Christ commons area. It was still lovely. We were blessed to have Laura Beth's friend, Madlyn, with us as well as my mother. We were also privileged to dine on some of the best food with Melissa and Lilly Allen and Mrs. Ann Tucker.
The girls loved the lumps of sugar for the tea. Madlyn tried the Jasmine tea.
She told a reluctant Laura Beth that she needed to try it next year.

Our family for the day - Me, Mom, Madlyn, and Laura Beth
Laura Beth always looks forward to the many activities of the tea party just as much as the food. This year did not disappoint! We enjoyed learning how to candlewick along with some of the other things you see in these next pictures. I am linking you to my friend Kristen's blog. Kristen was one of the coordinators of the tea party and has recipes, photos (including one of us learning to candlewick) and more.
The girls in the dress-up area.

Madlyn and Laura Beth with their
Butterfly wands

Special thanks to Melissa for the pictures. I got to the tea party and was snapping pictures left and right until I realized I had left my memory card in the card reader at home! Melissa was great letting me use her camera every now and then! What a wonderful friend!
Can't wait till next year! Won't you join us?

My Laura Beth

There have been many times when I feel like I leave Laura Beth out of the blog. She just does what she is suppose to do when she is suppose to do it without any remarks or funnies. I can depend on her most of the time. She does have her moments and I thought these pictures captured her "other" side. Thanks, Nicole, for capturing these with my camera. She would have never done it for me!

Oh, how I love this precious face!

Dinner with the Seniors

Jonathan and Ashley Estes were so kind to invite the kids and me to the Senior Baseball Dinner this year. The kids were so excited to spend some last moments with some of their favorite people. Carter was going around seeing all the guys and getting them to sign his media guide. They were all so sweet to him and took time with him like nothing I have ever seen.
D-Willy, Carter, and Trae
Garrett and Carter
Nos signing Carter's media guide
Carter and Zach
Laura Beth, Carter, Adam and Dean
Thanks, guys, for some great years and for meaning so much to our family!
We love you!

What to do During a Game?

Carter is the one obsessed with baseball. Damon and I like to watch it. Laura Beth takes it in spurts. So, what do they do with themselves when we are at a game . . . . or two?
Cecily enjoys the playground
Carter, of course, watches every move of the game
Laura Beth and Dean play in the dirt

Thank You, Seniors

I really do not like the spring semester of each college year. There are so many "lasts" with kids who have become like family to us. Today was one of those "lasts" as we celebrated the seniors on the FHU baseball team. We have seen this group of guys play since they were freshmen and they have always been so good to my kids. We will really miss them.
Garrett Ammons and family
Adam Blackburn and family
Derek Bush and family
D-Willy and family
Bull and family
Bull, D-Willy, Zach, Trae, Nos, Derek, Adam and Garrett
Carter and Bush with his page of the media guide

Baseball Season is FINALLY here!

Don't these guys look tough? Aren't you glad you don't have to face them? One thing is for sure - I have one happy little boy because it is FINALLY time for him to play baseball. He has a bunch of his friends on his team again this year which makes for a great season - regardless the outcome of any game!
My All-Stars

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Farm

I was blessed to be able to go on Carter's field trip with him this year. We revisited Donnell Century Farm outside of Jackson. The kids had a great time being outside and seeing the animals.
Carter feeding the goats
Part of the experience of this farm is to show the kids where we get our food from. Each child goes through a series of farm jobs and collects goods from each job. At the end, they take the food to the farmer's market to sell for a job well done!
Carter gathers eggs from the hen house
Carter milks the cow
Tucker and Carter wait to go to the Farmer's Market

Mrs. Michelle's Kindergarten Class
Lawson and Carter on the tire playground
Going down the slide
Momma and Son on the wagon ride

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