Thursday, December 6, 2007

Carter's Time to Shine

Carter and Lawson after FHU Chapel Program

Carter on stage with preschool friends

Carter listening to Mrs. Claus tell a story at FHU Christmas Program

Tuesday and Wednesday were Carter's days to shine at FHU. His preschool was asked to come and participate in the FHU Christmas program. They got to wear pajama pants and special Rudolph shirts (which Carter had on at 6:30 that morning ready to go!!) They listened to Mrs. Claus read a story and then sang Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. They were just too cute!!!
Wednesday was the preschool's day to sing in chapel. They sang their circle time songs including the books of the Old Testament (the college kids were very impressed!!) as well as Christmas songs for them. Carter acted very well on stage and sang in his nice, but loud voice!!! When I asked him how he liked being on stage he immediately said, "I got to see Fergie and Phillip (two of our college guys) and Phillip made faces at me!!!" He enjoyed shining for all to see!! You can go on Itunes and download the chapel program to see it (December 6).

Family Traditions

Our family has a ton of traditions, especially at Christmas time. I don't know why we do, but I am glad. I found myself while we were away for the 3 short years either coming home for those special times or missing being there. Our Christmas traditions start with decorating the Christmas tree. The whole house goes into gear on the day we put the tree up, and for 2 hours nothing else is done in the house. We spend time together laughing, remembering and just having fun together. Everyone has a job to do and if that person is not there to do their job, they are missed terribly. Dad and Richard always had the job of putting the tree together and lights. We missed Richard this year so Carter and Laura Beth "helped" Grandad carry on this part of the job. When the tree is assembled, Mom "fluffs" the tree and then Damon and I put on the lights ( I have to have help reaching the top and going around!!!). Chuck continues by putting the beads around the tree. He says he has no idea why that is his job. However, looking back at my scrapbooks, that has always been his job and he is very good at it. Then comes the time to get out all the ornaments. The first ones on the tree are the new ones that have been given this year. My grandmama and Papa Whittle always gave each of us a new Hallmark ornament each year. Most of them involved some kind of series or theme that went with what we had done throughout that year. I continued my dollhouse series; Damon, his baseball players (he got Big Papi - one of Carter's favorite players), Laura Beth, dolls; Carter, Cars stars Lighting McQueen and Sally. Each ornament is placed on the tree and a picture taken. From there, ornaments of the past are pulled out and the story of that ornament is told - who gave it to us, when and why it is so special. Of course, this is Mother's job, again, and I sit back and tell people where a hole is that needs an ornament.
Some people may think we are crazy, but I think it is great. It is something that as a family we look forward to, we enjoy it and we remember these times with smiles and many memories. This is what families are all about and I am so glad we have these memories and will continue to develop them.

Faraway Friends

Kinlee and Laura Beth at Kinlee's 6th Birthday Party

Growing up as an Air Force Brat, I quickly became use to making new friends and leaving new friends. I am happy to say that I have managed to keep in touch with a few of them and for that I thank God daily. One reason we moved from Nashville to Henderson was so we could raise our family in a family community - one where people do not frequently move about. However, this fall, Laura Beth learned how to say good-bye to her first best friend, Kinlee (and Becky had to say good-bye to Kinlee's mother, Stephanie). God gave Kinlee and her family an amazing opportunity to move to Trenton, TN (an easy hour drive) in September. Laura Beth did not fully understand the move for awhile because we still saw Kinlee weekly as soccer season finished. She has missed her friend very much and has been blessed to spend some time with her since the move. Laura Beth was just thrilled when a birthday party invitation came in the mail for her from Kinlee, and so on Saturday, Dec. 1, Laura Beth and Momma made our way to Trenton for Kinlee's High School Musical party (both of us dressed in our HSM gear). Laura Beth had such a good time seeing Kinlee and getting to meet her new friends. A good time was had by all and as we stopped at Kinlee's Wal-Mart for a change of pace, Laura Beth declared, "Kinlee is still my best friend," and friends I hope they always will be. . . . .

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One Step Forward . . . Two Steps Back

So, I had every intention to do multiple posts today because we have been so busy the past few weeks and I really wanted to share all that we had done. I had visioned what the post would look like and was so excited!!! So, this morning when I took my camera to the computer to download pictures (because now that I know how to put pics on, I want to!!) I realized I can't find the cord that connects my camera to the computer!!!! I am now upset!! I really try to be a very organized person, but it only takes one day for my life to fall apart and be completely unorganized!!! From there it takes a week to get back to where I was - WHY does this happen? Oh, well, so much for plans and dreaming big about being such a good blogger. As for all of you reading this, you might check back this time next week, because that is probably when I will have everything back in control. As for now, I am off to hunt a white camera cord . . . . .

Until later . . ..
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