Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning at the Willises

Once we got to Mom and Dad's, we got a very special phone call from the big man himself . . . .


The kids talked to him and thanked him for the gifts. Santa told Carter he was so confused because Santa thought Carter was a Braves' fan but Carter wanted Yankees things. Santa was also confused because Santa thought Carter was a righty but asked for a lefty glove! You can't pull anything over on Santa!
After Santa's call, we opened presents from each other for awhile.
Oh, Chuck
Papa opening his gift from us - a picture of his great grandchildren
Mom's gift to Richard and Amy - a through the years scrapbook of
Richard. I think Amy liked it!
Dad and Mom even got in on some present action
We had our big feast Christmas Eve night with 16 of our family members with us. I was so caught up into visiting (and eating) I forgot to take pictures! My son called me out on that later, oh well. Since we enjoyed the big feast last night, we enjoyed a wonderful brunch on Christmas morning. We all had a wonderful Christmas day!

Christmas Morning: Santa Sighting

Damon and I have said we would love to spend Christmas morning at our house for as long as we can. This year was special being the first year in the new house. My parents, siblings and Papa Whittle came over first thing in the morning to see the kids get their Santa presents. A great time was had by us all!
Laura Beth spies her stash of gifts!
Carter begins to dig into his

Papa Whittle gets a kick out of Carter's left handed glove
and the fact Carter is teaching himself to throw left handed!
After Santa, we all got cleaned up and headed over to my parents' for the rest of Christmas morning and Christmas brunch!

Santa Came!!!

Here is the proof - Santa did come at some point on Christmas Eve. I think he just about covered all that had been asked for from the kids! Carter's Jeter jersey, left and right handed glove, good food (Macaroni and Cheese, Cheez-Its, Goldfish and Fruit Loops), baseball books, puzzle and a new Webkinz.
Laura Beth received Kit, horse books, clothes for her American Dolls, a Nancy Drew book, and Littlest Pet Shops.

Christmas Eve Traditions

When it comes to Christmas , I came from deep traditions. Some of those traditions have had to change due to family growth and distances. However, some are still as rich as the years I was 6 and 7. The kids began the Christmas Eve rituals by writing Santa a note thanking him for what he was going to leave under the tree as well as wishing him safe travels. Due to traveling, we did not make our usual dirty snowball cookies for Santa, so we left him just plain Oreos this year along with the normal Dr. Thunder. The kids placed the cookies, note and drink just so on the mantle - so Santa would not step on them (and so Chip would not eat them)!
I always make the kids "suffer" through a picture with their stockings and this year was no different. Here they are on the fireplace with their stockings ready to be filled by the jolly man!
And, of course, we always read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas before we go to bed. I think this is the first year I have ever read it to the kids. I love this tradition the best, I think!
We usually leave reindeer food (a new tradition) on the lawn for the reindeer, but this year it was raining and we were afraid the reindeer might not see it as well. So, we left a bowl of it by the front yard and then a bowl of it on the mantle - had to make sure there was plenty of it!
Then it was off to bed for the longest night of the year . . . . .

The Gift of Laughter

When you get a family together for anything, let alone a photo shoot,
crazy times are going to occur.
Enjoy some of our "finest" moments!

A dream come true for any sister!

Amy will one day learn to do "funny faces!"
What living with Chuck does to someone
Family Fun

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Gift of Family

My parents and Me
Richard, Mom and Dad
Chuck, Mom and Dad
Me and Damon
My sweeties and Me
Damon and kids
The parents
Amy and Richard
My crew
The whole gang

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Busy Blogging

I have been super busy trying to catch up on blogging. So, keep scrolling down and even go to "older posts" to see all the crazy things we have been up to these days!

All She Wants for Christmas . . .

Yes, we have lost 2 more teeth in the past month and we are wondering how my sweet girl is eating anything! She manages somehow. Good news is we have noticed that two of the teeth are slowly starting to come in. So, maybe she can get something extra this year - at least one of her missing teeeth!

Christmas Time - Welch Style

We loved spending time with Damon's family this past weekend. We had a great day Sunday after Damon drove all night long after work. We worshipped with Dustin's (Damon's brother) congregation, ate a great Christmas lunch and then opened presents! The kids were so excited and got some great surprises!
Laura Beth was all smiles when she opened Samantha, a RETIRED American Girl.
She had told me she would like to have her but knew she couldn't get her because she was
Carter is defiling our house even more with Yankee apparel.
Thanks for this, Mama C and Papa John!
It was a hit!
Johnathan playing Hot and Cold with Uncle Damon.
This was hysterical! Words do not even begin to describe these two playing this game.
What was Damon trying to find?
a Lowe's gift card!
After having our Christmas, we helped spread Christmas cheer by going caroling with Dustin's congregation. The kids were so excited about this. Carter declared, "I have never done this before!" They were so good to the older people we met and announced that we needed to do this next year in Henderson. We will work on that, kids!

Singing Jingle Bells for the assisted living home

The Traditional Dinner

We began a tradition with Damon's family of going out to eat for a nice family Christmas dinner. This year Amerigo's (on West End in Nashville) was the place to be. The kids were AMAZING and the food even better! We all enjoyed just being together (though we missed Damon oh so much - he had to work).
Mama C and Papa John (Damon's parents)
Laura Beth (7), Carter (6), Johnathan (7) and Addison (5)
I love being with these kids. They are so much fun! They love being together and enjoy each and every moment that they spend together!
Johnathan - who knows what was going on at this time! Carter - striking a pose! Laura Beth loving time with the cousins! Sweet Addison laughs - the best kind!

Christmas Party Time!

We all enjoyed celebrating Christmas with Carter and Laura Beth's classes this past week. A great time was had by all. We are very thankful for such good teachers and friends at this special time of year!
Madlyn, Hillary, John Nic, LB and Kate
Hugs from Hillary before leaving for Christmas break
Silly Silly Boy!
He wanted to be like Rudolph, hence the shiny red nose!
Thanks to Jackson for the stamp!

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