Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Faces in the Crowd

Nicole Osment and Carter
Megan Thompson, Laura Beth and Jenny Taylor
Carter and Cade Thompson
Tyler Hughes, Ashley Blocker, Laura Beth and Nicole Osment
Carter and Tyler Hughes
Carter and Ashley Blocker

Of course, these are just some of the faces we see at Laura Beth's softball games.

Carter's Last Day of Preschool

My sweet Carter
My dear Lawson
My lovely Cecily
Today was Carter's last official day of preschool. He will go Friday for a fun day at Chickasaw, but today was the end. Not only was it his last day of his first year of preschool, but it was the last day any of my children will be taught at preschool by Mrs. Joyce Bloomingburg. Freed-Hardeman made the decision to close the school at the end of this year. Therefore, Carter will finish his preschool years somewhere else - where we still do not know. The school did a lovely job praising Mrs. Joyce for her 28 years of service. All the parents, grandparents and anyone were invited to a reception at the school today. The kids thought it was Mrs. Joyce's birthday because it was their special day and they got to eat cupcakes!!! On the way home, Carter became most upset as I explained to him that this was his last day and Mrs. Joyce would not be his teacher next year. He cried all the way home and declared that whoever made this decision must not like his school. I tried to explain to him he would be able to see Mrs. Joyce at church and at ballgames, but he wanted none of that - just for her to be his teacher. Mrs. Joyce will always hold a special place in our family's hearts. She is a wonderful Christian lady and the preschoolers in our community will miss sitting at the feet of such a fine lady. Thank you, Mrs. Joyce, for helping mold my children into what they are today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Love It!!!

It is rare that I treat myself to an eatable treat. If I think I deserve a treat I go to Hobby Lobby, Target or somewhere like that. However, there are just some days when I need a pick me up and have to look to small town Henderson, TN, to provide. On these days, Sonic is my usual pick. Friday found me at Jack's getting the kids something to eat (I was going to be good and eat leftovers instead). Before I knew it, I was ordering me a Cookies N Cream milkshake along with their chicken. It was so good. I enjoyed savoring each sip and was planning on it lasting as long as I could. After putting clothes up, I came into the living room (where my milkshake had been staying) and could not find it anywhere. As I made my way around the room, I noticed the cup was empty and in the trash can. I knew who had struck - Carter. So, I called him in and asked if he had dumped my milkshake into the trash can (He had been in a very helpful mood that day). His face lit up and told me that he did not dump my milkshake, but instead he finished it for me!!! He told me, with much pride, "I had never had that before, so I thought I would try it. It was so good and I love it!!" He may look like his daddy or his uncle (depending on who you ask), but he does have some of his mommy in him!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Desserts

Today, I was blessed to be able to attend a Ladies' Day at the Estes church of Christ in Henderson, TN. The speaker was Miss Olivia Bradford and she was fabulous!! Olivia is a member at Estes and lost her mother last year to cancer. The theme was Just Desserts and Olivia did a wonderful job talking about Heaven - what it is and how we can get there. I want to share with you the directions she gave us for us to be able to get to Heaven and enjoy our just desserts:
Directions to His House
1. Take a right (because there are no wrong turns) on Believeth Blvd.
2. Keep straight ahead and go through the green light, which is Jesus.
3. Turn onto the "Bridge of Faith" which is over troubled waters.
4. Make a right turn and keep straight. You will be on King's Highway - Heaven bound.
5. Keep going for 3 miles - one for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit.
6. Exit off onto Grace Blvd.
7. Make a right turn on Gospel Lane.
8. Keep straight and then make another right on Prayer Blvd.
9. As you go on your way, yield NOT to the traffic on Temptation Ave!!
10. Avoid Sin Street - it's a dead end!!
11. Pass up Envy Drive and Have Ave.
12. Also pass Hypocrisy Street, Gossiping Lane, and Backbiting Blvd.
13. You have to go down Long-Suffering Lane, Persecution Blvd. and Trials and Tribulations Ave.
14. Don't worry - Victory Blvd. is straight ahead!!!!
May we always keep on the road to His house, so we, too, may enjoy our Just Desserts.
I just saw that my friend, Sandy, put one of the stories Olivia used in her lesson on her blog. Click here to read the story about a woman and her fork. As our take home, each lady received a fork with chocolate chip cookies tied to it with John 6:35, "I am the bread of life.. He who comes to me will never go hungry," on it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Night with Their Heroes

Laura Beth and Nicole Osment
Carter and Laura Beth with Tara Deathridge
Laura Beth and Carter with All-American and every other honoree, Jana Cross.
Showing love one more time for #11 - Megan Thompson!!

Carter and Laura Beth (along with Damon and myself) were invited to the Lady Lion Basketball team's end of the year banquet last night. We did not even tell the kids we were going until Monday or Tuesday because we knew they would be so excited and they were. We were able to eat with Nicole Osment and her family as well as the other team members, family members and special guests. Laura Beth loves all these ladies and is never shy around them. She is always ready for a picture. Carter on the other hand would need some convincing!!! I told him before we left that these girls would want a picture with him tonight since it was their special night. I explained that him taking pictures with them would make them very happy. He looked at me and said, "You know I am just playing with them when I don't take pictures with them." I could not believe he even knew what "playing with them" meant let alone saying it. He went on to tell me that they liked it when he played with them!!! I quickly told him they would not like it if he played with them tonight. An incentive (much better than a bribe!!) was set in place and once he got to the banquet he was very gracious to have pictures with "his" girls. These girls will always hold a special place in my heart because of relationships we have formed with them and for the way they have treated my children. They always take the time to speak to them and make them feel special. We all enjoyed our special night with the Lady Lions!!

A Blessing Passed On to You . . . .

I was visiting my blogging friend Melissa's site this morning and found this poem she wrote and knew I had to share it with you.
God's Day
by Melissa Lester
All night long I watched you sleep, snuggled in your bed.
I whispered softly my love for you and stroked your weary head.
I cradled you till the sun came up and you rose to meet the day.
I was eager to hear your waking thoughts, but you didn't take time to pray.
I knew what the day would hold for you -- a new struggle in every task.
I knew that you would need my strength, but you didn't take time to ask.
With arms outstretched I walked with you as you faced a trying day.
I was ready and willing to carry your burdens, but you never glanced my way.
I showered you with blessings, and you accepted them all with glee.
I waited patiently for your thanks, but you had not a word for Me.
The day is coming to a close; the end is drawing near.
I walked beside you all the way, but you forgot that I was here.
You faced your troubles on your own, and now worry fills your head.
How different your day could have been if you had leaned on Me instead.
Tomorrow is a new day, and I will walk with you again.
I hope that you will turn to me -- your Savior, Father, Friend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book Review: Someday

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am a HUGE fan of children's literature. I have been working my way into adult literature and have grown very fond of many Christian fiction writers. One of the ones I have enjoyed reading is Karen Kingsbury. I have read all of her Baxter Family series and I finished (again awhile ago, but am just now writing the review) her newest installment, Someday. These books are very easy to read and just enjoy. You find yourself wanting to pray for the Baxter family when you talk to God each day. While these books are not earth shattering and Pulitzer award winning books, they are able to take you away and fall in love with this family. I think I read the first 5 in 5-6 days. Then I turned around and read the next 5 books in another 5-6 days. Once you start, you can't stop!!! Someday was not my absolute favorite, but I still enjoyed it. If you want to just get away from your life, I would highly recommend this book and the others that come along before it, to you.

Book Review: Our Father in Heaven, Teach Us to Pray

Cassandra Martin's book Our Father in Heaven, Teach Us to Pray was a wonderful Bible study for me personally. I have been done with it for a few weeks now, but have not taken the time to sit down to write this. Our ladies' class studied it while I was teaching on Wednesday nights, but was given the book for Christmas. I began to study it during my morning Bible time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned so much from it - not only about prayer but about myself as well. The book is set up in 13 weeks. Each week is divided into 4 days of individual studying. Each day is divided into looking into the Bible, looking into your life and looking into how you can change for the better. I loved (but did not like) how the questions in the study made you look and answer honestly how and what you need to change in your prayer life. Each daily lesson took about 15-20 minutes to complete. The last daily lesson was a tribute to Mrs. Martin's PRAY method. She walks you through how to take what you have learned that week and apply it to your prayer life. This book was one of the best studies I have done in a long time. I would highly recommend it to anyone for personal study or group study. May God bless you in your daily striving to glorify and grow closer to Him.

Field Trip to the Tennessee Safari

Carter taking in the giraffe.
Taking a look at something.
Carter's preschool class.

Damon was able to go with Carter on his field trip Monday. After studying animals, the class traveled to Alamo to see all the different animals. The trip was deemed a success by all - including Damon. I thought Damon did a great job taking the pictures for me - he puts up with my little antics!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Opening Day 2008

Today was opening day for Laura Beth's softball season. We played at 1:00 and froze during the game!! Laura Beth has really enjoyed playing already. She did a great job. She is batting third in the line up right in front of her friend, Kendyl. She made contact each time she was up to bat and only got tagged out once!! She even stopped a ball that came her way and got the ball back to the circle to stop the play. The game ended in a tie 9-9!! What a way to start the season!!

Floating Down the River

Damon and I with our adoptive students or HAH (Home Away from Home) Students
Our lovely PKA ladies
Our fabulous PKA guys
Me with my wonderful husband, Damon

Each spring, Phi Kappa Alpha celebrates the end of the school year with Riverboat. When Damon and I were in Phi Kappa Alpha, we went to Memphis to float the Mississippi River and see the Memphis skyline at night. Our senior year the event was moved to Nashville and for 9 years we board the Music City Queen to float the Cumberland River. We always enjoy spending this special time with our kids as we celebrate their accomplishments from the past year.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Above and Beyond

Each morning my children have a routine. This routine includes eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, making beds and either cleaning the sink or taking out the trash. They have done a very good job with these routines and I rarely hear a complaint. They are even very good to help each other if one sibling is running behind that morning. This morning Carter's job was to clean the sink. He was not very excited about doing it this morning, but he finally went back to do it. I noticed that he was taking forever to get it done, so I went back to check on him. I found him not only cleaning the sink, but cleaning the vanity, the top of the toilet. He had also completely rearranged the items in the bathroom to one corner. I praised and praised him for going the extra mile in helping Mommy. I asked him, though, how we would reach things if everything was in one corner. He looked at me and said, "You can just reach like this." I pray that I am teaching my children that as a family we look for ways to go above and beyond in helping those in our family as well as those outside. What a challenge it is for all of us to go above and beyond.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Day with Mr. Justin

Mr. Justin gives Carter pointers on his pitching. Mr. Justin played right field for the Lions, but Carter listens to anything Mr. Justin has to say about baseball!!!!
Carter is trying to tag Mr. Justin out between third base and home plate. He did apply the tag right after the picture was taken.
Laura Beth will tell you that Mr. Justin is her boyfriend. She simply adores him. She can find him in a crowd of 100s and takes off right to him.
This is the "Mr. Justin" face that my kids make all the time now. Thank you, Mr. Justin!!!

It is Mid-April and it brings a lot of good things into our lives, but, dealing with college kids, it also brings some sad days ahead of us. It is a sign that our time with special friends is coming to a close. Today was a beautiful day and one that will be remembered because Mr. Justin came to play. We adopted Mr. Justin 3 years (was it that long ago?) ago and have just fallen in love with him. He played right field for the FHU Lion Baseball team and is a reason Carter loves baseball as much as he does. Mr. Justin will always be #23 to my kids and will always be a favorite. He called to see if he could come over and play today and, of course, the answer was, "YES!!" Carter immediately went and put on baseball gear including the Soriano Cubs jersey Mr. Justin got him for Christmas. The kids played and played and played with him. We have not even begun to explain to them that he will be going into the real world soon and that their time with him is coming to an end. We thank Justin for always taking time to make our kids feel special whether by giving them a home run ball or just throwing them up in the air. We thank Justin for showing them that people are not perfect, but we try to live a life to glorify God. We thank Justin for a being a major part of our lives these past 3 years and we pray that whatever comes his way will be a blessing to him.

A Spring Pet

I think Laura Beth may have a bit of my mother in her!!! She is all over bugs and science stuff. I am the person who took freshmen biology as a junior in college because I finally had to take it. Yesterday, as the kids were playing outside, Laura Beth told me she needed to get a jar with a lid so she could catch a butterfly. Mrs. Kim (Laura Beth's kindergarten teacher) has been teaching them about life cylces of different animals and the butterfly is one they have been learning about. It was not long before she had claimed her new spring pet!! She was so excited. You can barely see the little thing - it is the white blob towards the top of the jar farthest away from her face. Of course, a name had to be given - a gift my children do not have. I dread what they will name their future children!! Not only was the poor butterfly captured, it was named "Goldfish." However, it was later changed (with Carter's influence, I am only so sure) to Brian McCann Smoltz Chipper Jeff Franceour. (We can't leave anyone out!!). Our story ends sadly as poor BMSCJF flew out of the jar as Laura Beth was trying to put grass in the jar. New adventures and new pets await us and the jar. It stands ready (with grass already in it) for today's outside adventure. Who knows what we may find today!!!

Scrap A Clock

Each year I try to find something creative to do for our Makin Music directors that goes along with the theme of their show they have created. I have done American gift baskets, money bags filled with "loot," and books with pictures from the show. This year I was at a lost for the longest time since our show was about little Swiss children who live in a clock. I just could not wrap my brain around what to do. Then one day it hit me . . . I would scrap them a clock. This idea is not my own. I remember my friend, Arika, telling me about it and thought I would take it and run!!
I bought clocks whose face I could get to. These have a "lid" over them that came off and on. I chose pictures from the show that highlighted each director and different aspects of the show they created. I ordered WAY too many pictures, but was able to give them copies of the ones I did not use. I attached the pictures to the face of the clock with scrapbook tape and them just put the "lid" back on top. They were a huge hit with directors. Another variation would be like my friend Arika's idea. She took pictures of her little boy (back when she just had one!!) and covered just the numbers with his face. Then she attached a saying that said, "Every hour of every day I love you more than words can say." or something to that fact. This is a very easy and can be a very inexpensive gift for a loved one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Easy Recipes

Our lives as a softball family has begun!!! Don't get me wrong we are ALL loving it!!! Laura Beth, the child who did NOT want to play softball at all, is loving the sport and playing the game. Carter, being the baseball fanatic he is, thinks he is needed at each practice and scrimmage. We usually go to everything as a family so Carter can learn the game before he plays and just to wear him out!!!! However, our days of 2 nights at the ball field have begun!! I do not want to be the mom who runs through the drive through for supper on those nights. I have struggled with finding things that would be good meals and maybe even last for another night. Thanks to Richard, Amy and some of their cookbooks I got a hold of over Christmas, I have found 2 great recipes I would love to share with you!!!

Meal-on-the-Run Pork Loin

3. 5 pound pork loin
5 oz. soy sauce
1/4 c. light brown sugar
1/2 c. red cooking wine
1 T. lemon juice
1 t. worch. (I can't spell) sauce
1 1/2 c. water

Trim fat off pork loin. If you want to freeze it, put the pork loin in a bag with all the ingredients and seal. Thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. Place in the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours. Shred or slice when done and return to sauce. If sliced, you can eat it with other sides and eat the leftovers on buns.

Taco Chicken

4-6 chicken breasts
1 can Rotel
1 packet taco seasoning

If you want to freeze it, place all ingredients in a bag and freeze. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator. Place in crock pot when thawed. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. Cut up and put back in sauce. You can use the cut up chicken with cheese, salsa, and black beans over tortilla chips to make chicken nachos. Put everything in the oven at 350 degrees until cheese is melted. You can also add the cut up chicken and add it to a salad with cheese and sour cream. This is how we had it the other night. Then Damon used the leftover chicken for nachos yesterday for lunch.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Planes, Trains and Preschoolers

Carter getting off the jet.

Lawson gives his approval on this field trip.

Lawson, Nelson, Carter and Pearce are ready for their snack in the dining train car.
Carter and Lawson stand next to the airport's fire truck's wheel to show you how big it is.

Lawson, Cade and Carter stand next to the jet!!

Thanks to my amazing employers, I was able to enjoy a morning of planes, trains and preschoolers as Mrs. Joyce's nursery school (where Carter attends 2 mornings a week) went to the airport and train depot as part of their transportation unit. Lawson and Carter were especially thrilled with this because Carter has always had a love for trains and Lawson can tell you anything about a plane you want to know. I really thought we would have a rainy morning but just a few clouds were in the sky as we set off and when we got back the sun was out!!! The kids were so well behaved. I am always amazed at Mrs. Joyce and the way she interacts with the kids. She is a lovely lady and a wonderful Christian teacher. We have been very blessed that both children were able to begin their schooling with her. I do believe the highlight of the day was getting to see and go inside the jet!!! The boys were just beside themselves!!

Why We Do What We Do . . . . .

Many people think and have thought that we are just simply crazy for giving up the big city life in Nashville where we could have made a lot more money as well as enjoyed the perks of being in a big city to move to Henderson, TN. However, when Laura Beth was born 6 years ago, we realized we wanted to live a different life and have our children grow up in a different atmosphere, so Damon applied for a job in Admissions with FHU and, in July of 2002, we moved to Henderson, TN. Many people still do not understand why we are doing this, but, to me, this picture (small as it may be) says it all. We are here to make a difference. This picture was taken at Makin' Music Saturday night at intermission. Three of the girls did not have parents who were in the audience and, after giving an amazing performance, wanted to have an adult/parent figure to share it with - they immediately found us. They came running up to us in tears saying we knew you would be here for us when our parents could not be and we need a momma hug!! I immediately thought of all those who had and do question us. I thought wouldn't they want someone to be there for their children in a time like this? That is what we are doing. I would not give up the relationships we have these college students. We have been able to share happiness in engagements, victories, employment and achievements as well as being there to share disappointments in break ups, broken engagements, loses and just down days. We have been called first thing in the morning to be told of a late night engagement where they wanted us to hear from them instead of others as well as staying up late at night trying to figure out the good in a bad situation. We are here because sometimes parents cannot be. I know that one day my children will be away from me and I pray that they have someone who will take them in and care for them the way we have enjoyed doing for so many. This is why we do what we do. Damon and I believe we are on a mission field. While it is not overseas, we are with tender souls who are trying to do what God would have them to as they learn more about Him and His word. We are here to guide, cheer, listen, cry and just be - just in case. Would I love to be making more money? Yes. Would I love a huge house (where I could fit more of these precious souls)? Yes. Would I trade what I have now though? No. My family and I have been blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful friends in these college students. We learn so much from them and pray that we can be even half of a blessing to them as they have been to us. So, for those of you who do not think we should be doing what we are doing or have ever wondered what made us chose to do what we do . . . . . I hope you now understand.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Winding Up

Laura Beth and one of our adoptive students, Ashley Blocker
Me with Megan Thompson

Laura Beth and one of her favorites, David Lee, with their Makin Music faces.

Alex Edwards, one of our directors, with the kids. Carter loves Makin Music, but HATES the costumes. He did not know Alex was behind him when I took this!!

Laura Beth and Nicole Osment before the show.

All Wound Up

PKA's show is called "All Wound Up" and they are characters from a Swiss clock. The clock breaks and they have to fix it before Opa (the grandfather clockmaker) comes back.

I love Makin Music and everything (well, maybe not everything) about it. Since we sponsor one of the clubs on campus we are very involved with the show and the kids. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I will fill you in. Makin Music (Singarama or Spring Sing as it is called at other schools) is a student run program. The 6 different social clubs pick directors for their show. The directors come up with a theme and story line. Then they design their own costumes and have them made. They take songs we are all familiar with and write new words that go with their story. They choreograph and block the 7 minute show and then perform it 3 times in one weekend. I usually see the whole show 5 times - dress rehearsal, kids' show on Thursday morning and then all 3 times over the weekend. My children LOVE it!! By the end of the weekend, they can usually perform PKA's whole 7 minute show. This weekend is a wonderful time to see kids use their talents, meet with old friends and just have a good time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I was Tagged!!!!

Well, my wonderful sister-in-law to be, Amy, tagged me to list 100 things about myself. I am suppose to tag 3 people myself, so I am going to tag my friends Arika, Sandy and Beth. I don't know if I can come up with 100 different things about me, but here I go . . . . . .

1. I was born in San Antonio, TX.
2. I was born on June 28, 1977.
3. I was 10 days late!!!
4. I moved when I was 8 days old.
5. I have lived in Columbus, MS; Waldorf, MD; Nashville, TN; and Henderson, TN.
6. I have lived in San Antonio, TX 3 different times.
7. I have lived in Enid, OK (tornado alley of the world!!)
8. I am DEATHLY afraid of tornadoes and storms because of Enid.
9. My parents named me Rebecca Lynn Willis.
10. My name now is Rebecca Willis Welch.
11. I can be bossy.
12. I am an Air Force brat.
13. On November 27, 1980, I became a big sister to Richard.
14. I wanted to be his mommy and he never let me.
15. On June 28, 1985, I became a big sister to Chuck - that's right, we adopted him on my birthday!!!
16. I wanted to be his mommy and he let me (still does!!).
17. Richard taught me how to love baseball.
18. Chuck taught me to love photography.
19. Damon and I had our first date on August 24, 1996.
20. I make fun of Damon saying he is from fake Texas - Texarakana.
21. We married on July 9, 1999.
22. I graduated from FHU in May 1999.
23. I have a BS in Elementary Education.
24. I taught 3rd grade for 3 years at White House Christian Academy.
25. On March 30, 2002, I became a mommy to Laura Elizabeth Welch.
26. On July 30, 2002, we moved from Nashville to Henderson.
27. On August 26, 2003, I became a mommy to Carter Alton Welch.
28. In October 2003, I became Lawson Young's "Mrs. Becky."
29. I keep 2 kids now - Cecily and Kealeigh.
30. I teach Kindergaren Bible class on Sunday morning.
31. I teach 2nd grade Bible class on Wednesday night.
32. My sister-in-law and I have the same name - Rebecca Welch.
33. I have a precious nephew - Johnathan Dade Welch.
34. I have an adorable neice - Addison Mariana Welch.
35. I love being at home and don't really want to go back to work until absolutely neccessary.
36. My friend, Kim, and I wrote the 4 and 5 year old curriculum for our church.
37. I give Bible teacher workshops all over the south each year.
38. I am getting a sister on this side of the family on November 22, 2008!!!!
39. I love chips and dip.
40. I can eat my weight in Royal Dark Mini Cabury Eggs.
41. My son is deathly allergic to peanuts.
42. I miss Reese peanut butter eggs because of this.
43. I could probably sit and eat a whole can of Pringles in one sitting, but have not tried.
44. I don't drink carbonated drinks a whole lot.
45. If I do, I want Cherry Coke or Very Strawberry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (from Sonic).
46. I make my sweet tea by sitting my jar out in the sun.
47. I like the fact that when given a choice of going out to eat my kids will choose Olive Garden!
48. I like to go out to eat if it does not entail chicken nuggets.
49. I can make a meal out of Olive Garden's breadsticks and salad, but I have to have chicken parmigan when I go.
50. I love to scrapbook anything and everything.
51. My camera is permantly attached to my side.
52. My children know exactly what to do when I get the camera out.
53. I enjoy making cards and sending them to people.
54. I love the Atlanta Braves.
55. I loved them when it was not cool to love them.
56. Dale Murphy is my favorite Atlanta Braves player.
57. Chipper Jones is a close second.
58. I love University of Alabama football.
59. I am also a University of Texas fan by marriage.
60. I love watching and playing sports with my little all-stars, Laura Beth and Carter.
61. I love Duke basketball.
62. Bobby Hurley is my all time favorite!!!
63. I love that my children love going to worship God.
64. I love that my children play church constantly at home.
65. I love that my son wants to dress his best for church each and every time.
66. I am a Tennesse Titan football fan.
67. Frank Wycheck is my favorite and I miss him.
68. Damon drove me 45 minutes to meet him.
69. I love old musicals and the new ones they are making.
70. I love romantic comedies.
71. If I watch a scary movie, I have to watch a Disney movie afterwards so I can sleep.
72. I love Disney movies.
73. I met Cinderella when I was 23 years old and my daddy stood in line with me.
74. I love all different colors - don't really have a favorite.
75. Thanks to Richard, I watch Lost, 24 and Gilmore Girls on DVD.
76. I love being around teenagers and college kids.
77. I am blessed that my children have such great role models around in the teens and college kids.
78. My favorite times of the year are Christmas, March Madness and Makin Music (blog coming on that later).
79. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
80. I have been to New Zealand and Scotland on mission trips.
81. I was able to go to London after Scotland.
82. New York City is my favorite city - esp. at Christmas.
83. I love to shop sales at Target, Old Navy and Hobby Lobby.
84. I LOVE books and have a TON!!!
85. I am trying to read more than just children's books now.
86. I love 3 Muskateers and Nerds candy.
87. I love musicals (on stage).
88. I have seen - don't know how many.
89. I saw Wicked in December and loved it (you may be listening to a song from there as you read this).
90. I love to study the Bible.
91. I am very outgoing, but can be shy around certain groups of people (shocking, I know).
92. I love my friends and enjoy our moments together.
93. I love that I am as random as this list (as far as organization is concerned. I would just write them down as they came to me).
94. I am very organized or atleast like to be.
95. I love Flylady, but have adjusted her stuff to fit my personality better.
96. I live for Thursday playgroups.
97. I could not ask for a better best friend and husband.
98. I love seeing Damon and the kids play together.
99. I love our family Bible time at home.
100. I love and praise God for all the blessings He has and continues to pour down on me and my loved ones.

That is about all. I am sorry that this list is very disorganized, but I knew if I did not write it when it came to me, I would forget!!!
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