Saturday, July 26, 2014

Teen Beach Movie Night

Anyone who is a follower of our lives knows that our college kids are SO important to us.
We have been blessed that a few of them have been around this summer.
Mady came down to spend the weekend with Hayley, so we KNEW we had to have movie night.
The movie - Teen Beach Movie
We had tried to watch it another time but got interrupted by flashlight tag, I believe.
So, this was the perfect night!
We put out a few decorations to celebrate the beach and the end of the summer.
Mady, LB and Damon made cupcakes  with a beach theme.

We crushed graham crackers for the sand.
X-treme Sour Patch things for the beach towels.
(I really have NO idea what they are called!)
Nemo fruit snacks for fish in the sea that was made from blue sugar crystals.
They were a HIT!


God's Family Reunion

I was so blessed in college to be a part of MANY different groups.
Each group brought something so special and different to my life.
One of those groups was Sonshine Singers.
I was able to be in the group for 3 out of my 4 years.
We sang all over the USA and even in Scotland one summer.
I knew then how many wonderful memories and fabulous people it was putting in my life, 
but it wasn't until this past weekend that I FULLY comprehended how important these people
are to my life.
The group was celebrating 30 years and held a reunion.
I was not able to go to the entire reunion, but was able to spend a little time with some of these
wonderful people that were are part of my family - God's family.

Sometimes we laugh together...

Hanging out at a mall in Virginia somewhere...

Sometimes we cry...

Kristi and I were known for bringing the same clothes on road trips!

Sometimes we share together heartaches and sighs...

Singing "I Love My Wiener Man" to a hot dog vender in DC.

Sometimes we dream together...

Vic and Me on the steps of the Capital.

of how it will be...

Singing 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

When we all get together...

Road Trippin' - again notice Kristi and I brought the same animal this time!

God's Family.

Arriving in Scotland for 2 weeks...
 15 years later...

We still love each other.

Still long to be with each other for a few more minutes.

And STILL get into things when we really should be doing something else.

So thankful for this family God has given me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MSYC Week 7

While I hate that 5 weeks of our 9 week summer were spent NOT together,
I LOVE the fact that those 5 weeks were spent at MSYC.
This year it worked out where the kids did not go AT ALL together.
Next year, I think I am putting my foot down and that will not happen.
However, I do love the fact that they love to make new friends...
that they love to spend time in a place that focus on God...
that they want to spend their summers surrounded by people who are wanting them
to go to heaven.

Carter spent his last week at MSYC alone.
He was the ONLY boy from our church there.
Did that bother him?

He made a TON of new BIG friends.

He even got Camper of the Week!

He got to spend another week with his beloved Spenser before he heads
off to Disney.  (McCall Family, you better take care of him!)

Apparently, he never left these 2 except to sleep at night.

However, he is ready to spend 2 days with this girl before SHE leaves for camp!

And who could forget Lanie....

He really does love her!

No.... there really is no other place I would want my kids to spend their summer.
Thank you, MSYC, for giving them a little piece of heaven on earth!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sometimes You Need No Words

I love these pictures because they say so much!
I will just let them do the talking...

A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never
be lost.

From Nashville to Auburn

After the 4th of July in Nashville, Mom, Dad, the kids and I headed to Auburn
to see Richard, Amy and the kiddos!
I think it is safe to say the cousins were glad to see each other!

We spent a lot of time at the pool...

and just hanging out with each other... 

Constant playing was done by ALL...

We even enjoyed making and eating S'mores!

We always enjoy our times with family!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cousins Make the Best Friends

These 4...
Separated by 3 1/2 years...
Separated by 1 1/2 inches...

So much fun when they get together...

Childhood playmates who grow up to be 
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