Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pinterest Party: Be My Valentine - The Activity

After our food, we made care packages to take to different families/people
from our community or church family that needed a little cheering up this time of year.
We each made something to put into the box.

Chelsea made these little decorative blocks - super cute!

Bonnie made bird feeders.

Sherry made extra Rolo on Ritz crackers!!!!

Sandy made chocolate covered pretzels.

I made fortune cookies out of scrapbook paper with scriptures in them.
I put them in a Chinese take out boxes.

Sarah gave apples with the tag "You are the apple of my eye!"

Bridget made embroidered handkerchiefs. 

Ashley crocheted heart coasters.

Leah made "Latte" drink mixes.

Allison made rice bags to be heated for our recipients.

Dana made CUTE Tic Tac containers!

Kristen made votives with tissue paper hearts.

The box ready to go with all of our gifts of love!

Pinterest Party: Be My Valentine - The Food

My Pinterest Pals got together for our Valentine party. 
We had a lot of ideas for this party and enjoyed bringing so many 
different foods to the party.

Pink Heart Cupcakes

Brownie Hearts

Humus and vegetables

These were amazing! - Mango Chutney Cheddar Cheese Twists

This punch was great!!! However, I cannot find the link to the recipe!
Your loss . . . sorry!

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Rolos in Ritz Crackers . . . . 'Nuf said!!!

Crockpot Meatballs

Pink Popcorn is a must for ANY Valentines Day Party!

It was all so good!!!!!

Literary Ladies: The First Gardener

Our Literary Ladies book club at church met in January to discuss the book
We enjoyed this book for many reasons.  One being that it took place in our home state of
Tennessee at the governor's mansion.
So many topics are covered in this book and there are some surprises along the way.
Lessons on forgiveness, love and family are carried throughout the whole book.

We decorated the tables with different flowers mentioned in the book.

The tables were set with blue plates and a packet of seeds was at each place as a reminder of the book.

I led a devotional about planting your spiritual garden in your life for others to see.

For our food, we each brought our favorite Tennessee food.  We never lack for food at these meetings and that continued tonight.

From fried chicken to fresh vegetables . . . 

to grits . . . to white beans and cornbread . . . 

to Coca Cola Cake to Chess Pies . . . 

We are so excited about our new book 1,000 Gifts that we are reading for next time.  This is a major change for the group, but we are excited about the change!

Happy First Birthday, Lucy!

We loved being able to celebrate Lucy's first birthday with her and the family.
LB enjoyed helping Aunt Amy make the cupcakes for the party.
Amy is always so good to let LB and Carter cook with her!

What a special family!!!!

The best part of a first birthday . . . .


I will spare you the 20 other pictures I took of this cutie shoving cake into her mouth! It was just precious!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy!
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