Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Best Day for the Zoo

We really had a wonderful fall break this year.  The weather was just wonderful and we spent one day at the Memphis zoo with Damon's parents.  We pretty much had the zoo to ourselves and the weather was gorgeous!  The animals were up and moving like I had never seen before.  It really was a wonderful day.
The Red Panda was right above us in the tree . . . So cute!

My wild animals!

Loving the camel ride . . .

Waiting for the panda bear to swim right up to it. . . 
Never to little to sit on Daddy's shoulders

 LOVING eating with the monkeys . . .

She is getting way too big too fast!

I never get pictures like this!

So glad Mama C and Papa John could join us!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Literary Ladies: The Master's Wall

Our ladies' book club at church just read The Master's Wall.  It was a very different book than we have read in the past but most everyone enjoyed it and is looking forward to reading the rest of the series as they come out.  Dana and Kristen did a WONDERFUL job planning the menu, decorations and devotional for us.  We decided that we needed to go back in time to Italy to get the full effect of the evening . . . 

The Master's Wall Menu:

Homemade Pasta
Pesto sauce
Meat sauce
Vegetarian sauce
Fettucini Shrimp Alfredo
Spinach Strawberry Salad
Garlic bread sticks
Italian Angel Cookies
various desserts

Dana instructed everyone on how to make their own pasta - very economical!!!

It was a wonderful night with great food, great fellowship and a great book!  We are going to meet in January the next time and we are going to come home with our book selection.  We will be reading The First Gardener which takes place at the Tennessee Governor's mansion in Nashville.  I am so excited!

A Russian Royal Tea Party

LB's book club took the summer off for various reasons, but we hit the ground running with the first book of the year A Royal Diary: Anastasia the Last Grand Duchess.  The girls enjoyed reading the diary "written" by Anastasia.  We had some great discussions about what it would be like to live in Russia and the legend behind Anastasia.  

For the decorations, we raided my grandfather's house. He has been to Russia at least 13 times on mission work.  I thought the table turned out pretty well.

A Russian Royal Tea Menu:

Hot Tea - in a variety of flavors
tiny cucumber sandwiches
pimento cheese sandwiches
ham and cheese sandwiches
vegetable tray
fruit tray
cheese and crackers
Russian tea cookies

After we talked about the book, we introduced our theme for the year.  Last year, we read books that helped us see other people and what we could do to help them.  This year, we are going to read books about real girls (or fictional girls who teach us great lessons) and we are going to look for ways to apply their strong characteristics in our lives.  The next book we are going to read is The Courage of Sarah Noble.

They are excited!
 and already started reading it . . . 

I hope they enjoy it!

My Twins Born 9 Years Apart

and by two different mothers!

I love that LB wants to be like Hayley.
I love that Hayley lets her.

I LOVE being Great Aunt Becky

I am getting old . . . 
When your college kids get married, you are still young.
However, when your college kids call you telling you they are pregnant, you are old.
I am getting old. 

My second "HAH" (Home Away from Home) has been born in the last few months and finally got to come see me!
I was so glad Baby Jake brought his mommy and daddy (Ashley and Tyler) to see us.

I just couldn't get enough of him!

Carter LOVED Baby Jake!!!

You might say I am not getting old, but I am.
The first college student to call me "Mom" is having a baby in April.
Yep - that means I am going to be a Grandma!!!!
However, I think I want to be called Marmee instead.

Celebrating Two of Our Kids

We love celebrating anything. So when two of our kids have birthdays close to each other and one of them lives no where near FHU, we MUST celebrate!!!!  They asked for Italian Chicken, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake.  We added a few other things and we had a party to celebrate Katie and Eric (or Fredrick)!!!!

Hay and LB

So blessed!

Yes . . . we are blessed beyond measure!

80's Day at the Middle School

The Middle School celebrated Homecoming with a 70's/80's Day.
I was so excited because I will be honest . . .
I have been saving my New Kids on the Block shirt for THIS day!!!
LB, however, was not as excited.
Can you tell?

Rolled up sleeves with a shirt underneath . . .

New Kids on the Block t-shirt

Tight rolled jeans . . .
Neon socks . . .

Side pony tail . . . 

However, the look says it all . . . .
She is NOT a fan of the late 80's!!!!!

Movie Night with Best Friends

Hayley called and needed a movie night. LB gladly agreed to that without blinking an eye.  The tent of all tents was built . . .  popcorn popped . . . chocolate cookies made . . . Harry Potter in . . . 

It just doesn't get much better than this!

Coming Back Together

We have been looking forward to alumni weekend for the FHU baseball team for many reasons.  We played soccer and then spent the rest of the day at the ball field.  It was perfect!  We loved being with our adopted families and just spending time with great people. We are so blessed!

Carter and Mady share snow cone smiles!

I think his words to Hunter here were, "Are you SURE you are going to bat?"

Future Lion Baseball Players

LOVE this more than words can say!

LOVE these three - don't know where Lane was. . . 
Bat boy for the new boys . . . 
Coach said, "Suit up!"
So he suited up!

What a blessing these girls are in our lives!

Blurry but so much LOVE for Hunter!

Not enough words to describe this picture!

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