Monday, June 30, 2014

Victorian Tea Party 2014

The first Saturday in May is always a big one for us.
We look forward to the Victorian Tea Party the FHU Associates put together.
It is always a wonderful day full of friends, good food and fabulous memories!

Shuffleboard on the lawn

Victorian Paper Dolls
Handwork station

Showering the June Bride

We are getting in FULL wedding gear for Jessica - even though we still have 2 more months before the wedding.
We had her shower at church and I loved catching some sweet moments at the shower.
These 2 girls in the next pictures are something else.
I know I will blink and it will be THEIR wedding showers!
I loved catching this moment between them.

They better live close to each other!

The REAL reason we were there was this sweet girl!

I can't believe my little girls are old enough to be getting married!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Season Comes to an End

I really don't like senior days, but this one wasn't AS bad
because my 2 seniors are coming back for an extra semester!
I did cry.
It's not a senior day if I don't.

Proud of all of our boys!
Best of luck!
We love you!

Saturday Night L2L Style

We ended L2L with an awards ceremony celebrating the kids' success this past year.
I am just thrilled for them not because of awards they won but because of the way they
have grown in their service to God this year.

What a great year!

The Good Pictures

I was able to get a few good shots in while they were not
goofing off...
These make a momma proud for so many reasons!

All I Wanted Was 1 Good Picture!!!

I love being around my kids.
I really do.
They make me laugh.
However, when it comes to taking pictures, they turn into the
biggest goofballs EVER!
We are out and about at Opryland and all I want is
and this is what I get.
(No captions are needed)

BTW - we have not added a third child to the family.
The beautiful blonde young lady is our great friend, Mary Grace.
I would take her in a heartbeat though!
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