Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Last First Lost Tooth

Yes, this is Carter's new look - just days after getting back school pics, I might add!!!  Yesterday afternoon he declared that he thought his tooth was loose and by 8:00 that night, it was out.  He got so excited during church because it was almost out that he kept playing with it.  Grandad tried to pull it but big hands and little teeth don't mix very well.  He finally played with it and played with it while I talked and it came out!!!!!  He was so proud and all of out church family was so proud of him (and great at congratulating him on his achievement)!
My babies are not babies any more.  That is sad for me.  I think this hit me more than anything else has.  However, I know we have other great things in store for my precious family.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet MB!!!!

Not only is our family blessed with an LB, we are doubly blessed with an MB - Mary Beth.  Mary Beth joined our family two years ago and we are so thankful she did!  We celebrated "Whittle" style last Sunday with "feast" and a wonderful ice cream cake!  We love spending time with Jonathan, Rebecca and sweet Mary Beth.

 Got to love what older cousins encourage younger ones to do!

Happy Birthday,
Mary Beth!
We love you!

Lighting Bug Soccer - Tough as Their Name Sounds!

Laura Beth has had a wonderful soccer season this year with a wonderful group of coaches and girls!  We have been so blessed!  They are probably the youngest team on a whole.  They are probably the smallest team on a whole but they are amazing!!! I really hate to see this season end!

Carter and Dixie take a walk in the park at halftime

 We may be half the size of some, but we are ALL heart!

What dear friends Madlyn and LB have become!

Baseball Begins . . . . . Again

For the next three weeks, we are playing "Divide and Conquer!"  We will be splitting our time and sometimes our family between soccer and baseball.  This past Saturday, we began our day with 2 baseball games.  The boys did such a good job.  The team is mainly the All-Star team from this summer with a few who left us and a few who joined us.  My boy doesn't care - just as long as he gets to play!

 Two of his biggest fans!

Making sure the plate is just right 

Let the games begin!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Review: The King's Christmas List


I was so excited when this book arrived on my doorstep last week!  I love books. I love children's books.  I love books that teach me a lesson.  As a mom, I love books that teach my children how to live their lives for Christ EVERY day.  Eldon Johnson, in the book, The King's Christmas List, helps teach a concept to readers of all ages.  

Through Emma's journey to the King's birthday party, we see how we can give anywhere, anytime and anything.  AS the story begins, we see Emma taking what she had to the King; teaching us to use what you have at that moment.  On the journey, we see Emma give her time, her favorite thing and her self.  When she arrives at the birthday party empty handed, we all learn that she gave the best gift - giving herself to others.  Matthew 25:37-40 is the key verse to this book:

The King will reply: "I tell you the truth, whatever you did 
for the one of the least  of these brothers of mine,
you did for me.
Matthew 25:40 NIV

The end of the book provides the parent resources to help teach their children how to give of themselves as they walk the Christian walk.. This a  wonderful book with a year round message for a year round practice.  Keep it out all year long!

A Labor of Love

We finally got the call (or text) at 2:30 Saturday morning, September 4, that Amy was going to the hospital to have the newest member of the Willis family!!! We were prepared, having packed the night before, and packed in the car with Mom and Dad for a trip to meet Mr. Walker!  We got the call (or multimedia message) at 11 something that Walker had been born and everyone was great! We were north of Montgomery when we heard, so we did not miss it by much!!!  Needless to say, we are all just pleased as punch over our new little family member.

Welcome, James Walker!
September 4, 2010
11:28 am
7 lbs. 14 oz.
21 inches long
Proud parents: Richard and Amy

The precious new family
proud daddy
our first glimpse of Walker
Aunt Becky just can't get enough!
You've Got the Cutest Little Baby Face!
Super proud big cousin, LB
Super Protective Big Cousin, Carter

Finally, MY turn!!!!

Carter's 7th BIrthday

I can't believe my baby is 7 years old! Where has time gone?  Well, it has obviously gone by too fast and continues to go by too fast because we were not even able to find a time to give the boy a proper birthday party this year.  We did celebrate this wonderful young man that God has blessed us with a day early (better than a few months late!!).  We (minus Grandad - missed you!) went to eat supper at Los Portales or Rice.  Then we came back to the house for presents and cake!

Carter opening gifts from Gran and Grandad
Carter and Gran

He got a Bible with ALL the books of the Bible in it!
He was so excited!
All my kids - poor Chip!
Damon concentrating on lighting the candles -
 hard to do when the ceiling fan is going above you!
My attempt at a birthday cake - it was a baseball and 
Carter loved it.
My sweet Carter - I think I can only call him
sweet for a little longer!

Happy Birthday, Carter!
We love you!
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