Thursday, June 26, 2008

FHU Soccer Cub Camp

This past week Laura Beth and Carter were able to attend FHU's Soccer Cub Camp. This was Carter's first time to be able to go to camp and loved it!! Laura Beth also enjoyed herself seeing as soccer is probably her first love when it comes to playing sports. Carter getting some action.
Good block, Laura Beth!
Her goalie stance - her daddy thinks she will be a natural defender!!
Cade and Carter
The kids had a great time and we are looking forward to both of them beginning to play soccer within the next month!

Oh How We Shone in VBS!!!!

What a wonderful 4 days of VBS we have had this year! Yes, we are all tired and feel like we could not move if we had to, but it was deemed a great success!!! The last night of VBS this year we learned about how an angel helped Peter escape from jail in Acts 12. Peter came one, last time, to tell the story. Then we made angels, acted out the story and dressed up like angels. The kids adored Peter and always looked forwards to seeing him.
In our drama center, we had one child be Paul asleep in the jail. One child, being the angel, would go into the jail and wake him up. We took pictures in the drama center each night and turned them into a paper bag scrapbook for the kids to take home. You can click here to see how to make the paper bag scrapbooks. They are always a huge hit with the parents and the kids!!
Peter with his favorite 3 year olds!!!
My sweet Laura Beth was a good friend to Lexie this week at VBS. Lexie has brittle bone disease and has to be careful. Laura Beth helped her go up and down the stairs slowly. It made my heart smile to see her be such a good friend.
These 2 little angels look like they are up to something!!! Carter and Lawson were so good during VBS. They are wonderful helpers.
We made these angel wings for all the 2s, 3s, and 4s to help them remember how the angel helped Peter out of jail.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shine Like Stars - Day 3

Tonight was our 3rd night in VBS and we focused our study on Dorcas. We did go see a puppet show to review our lesson from last night's lesson on the crippled man being cured. When we go back from the puppet show, we had another visit from Peter telling us about the time he healed Dorcas. The kids did such a good job listening to him and remembered so much information just from Peter!! We all enjoyed button cookies to help us remember that Dorcas sewed clothes for the poor. We took sugar cookies, baked them and then poked holes in them with a straw to look like a button.
Our drama center for the night was sewing like Dorcas. We made lacing cards for each child to sew and then take home.
Each child made a potholder with their handprint and name on one side. The other side said, "I am a helper. VBS 2008." We talked about how Dorcas was a helper and how we can help. We bought the potholders from Oriental Trading.
We also made paper doll keychains. We had the children color the clothes on them to help us remember how Dorcas made clothes for others. We found the keychains from Oriental Trading, also.
We played a game where we had different color robes. They played a matching game finding their special color robe that Dorcas made for them. Then, while we reviewed, my helpers hid them all over the room. The kids went looking for the clothes Dorcas had made.
We have had a good time with these precious little souls this week. Tomorrow will conclude our VBS Shine Like Stars 2008.

Shine Like Stars - Day 2

Last night's VBS lesson centered on Peter and John going to the temple and meeting the crippled man at gate Beautiful. We talked about how the crippled man asked for money, but Peter and John gave him something even better - they healed him with God's help!! The kids enjoyed tonight's activities helping them remember the lesson.
Peter and John walking up to the crippled man to help him walk.

"Get up and walk!"
Our snack tonight was a crippled man (pretzels and cheerios) on a mat (graham cracker)
This little boy was very taken with "Peter." He told Peter, "You are in here!" (Pointing to his Bible!)

Shine Like Stars - Day 2 cont.

Going through the Beautiful gate
Pretending to be the crippled man
Making our own crippled man and helping him walk again.
Putting a puzzle together to help us remember the story.
Playing a matching game to help review the special parts of the story.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shine Like Stars - VBS 2008

I forgot to put this in the first batch of pictures from the centers. At this art center, the kids made their own sea using snack size ziploc bags and toothpaste. Place a line of toothpaste at the bottom of the bag and close the bag. Have the children use their fingers to spread the toothpaste in the bag. Once the toothpaste is spread, we placed a Swedish Fish inside the bag with the toothpaste. Then we placed fish stickers on the outside. You can use this activity with any sea lesson. You can buy the red toothpaste Crest puts out and make the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross.

Today began our VBS at Henderson. The theme this year is Shine like Stars: Stars Through Acts. " My good friends, Kim and Sandy, and I are teaching the 2's, 3's and 4's during VBS this year. We decided to focus on one character for the week and the different stories that revolve around him. We choose Peter. Tonight's lesson for each class was "Peter was Jesus' Friend." We talked about how Peter was a fisherman and how he left everything to follow Jesus. We had a special guest to come and tell the lesson - "Peter" himself!!!! Peter told his story and then visited each class as the kids participated in different centers revolving around the lesson. Peter talks to a 3 year old while she eats her snack - a fishing pole (pretzel log) and fish (goldfish).
At the art center, the children colored a magnetic fish and a picture from the story of Jesus calling Peter. We got the fuzzy magnetic fish from Oriental Trading.

At the drama center, the children pretended to be fishermen like Peter. The children wanted to keep fishing in the boat!
At the game center, the children answered questions about the story and then tried to throw a ring around the fish. We got this from Oriental Trading, as well. They loved it!!
We have decorated the lobby of the church building with a red carpet made from plastic tablecloths and star squares with Bible names on them. I hope to have pictures of those up tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your look at our VBS through the blog.

Happy Birthday, Damon!!!

Saturday we celebrated Damon's 32nd birthday. He is such a wonderful friend, spouse, father and Christian!!! We thank God every day for such a wonderful person in our lives!

Some Days to Remember Forever

On Tuesday, we were so surprised to see Brian McCann coming towards us. Brian is Carter's most favorite Braves player. Laura Beth was so sweet to her little brother. Carter was in such awe that Brian was that close to him that he just stood there. He could not do anything. So, Laura Beth took Carter's baseball over to get Brian McCann to sign it - which he did. Brian was amazing. He looked right at her and spoke to her personally. It was so refreshing to see this BIG time All-Star taking the time to talk to my little children who adore him. After Brian signed the ball, he was even more gracious and allowed Laura Beth to get a picture with him. From her face you can tell she knows what is going on and this is BIG TIME!!!!!
Another blessing came on Tuesday when the Texas Rangers' starting left fielder, David Murphy, came over to sign autographs. Carter walked up to him (which surprised us to begin with) with his ball and pen to sign. Then, the amazing security guard asked if we would like a picture. Carter said yes and this precious young man just picked my son up, placed Carter on the fence so they could be the same size for the picture. Again, another star showed us kindness to the way he talked to and took time with my children. Murphy is a new favorite of ours and we were so glad on Thursday to be able to sit behind him at the game.
On Thursday afternoon we had a silver lining!!! We woke up to thunderstorms and warnings all morning long. We were so scared that the game would be cancelled, but the sun came out just in time for us to go to the game. When we go to a game, we go to the game!! We are there when the gates open - usually 2 hours before the game begins. Since we spent time on the Rangers' side Tuesday, we made our way to the Braves' side for the time before the game. We took our place in shallow left field and wondered if we would get to see any of the players. We were able to see most of the pitchers come up and warm up. Again, the gracious stars took the time to sign numerous autographs for their fans - young and old. Carter kept looking for Jeff Bennett - 2nd favorite only to McCann - to come out and warm up. He finally did and Carter did not take his eyes off of him. We do not know why Carter has latched on to Jeff because he is not a regular player, but he has. The picture above shows Carter looking for Bennett coming his way. He began signing autographs and we just hoped that Bennett would make it over to us. He did!! Laura Beth told him after he signed her ball that we were from Tennessee (Bennett is from Nashville). When he heard that he stopped and looked at us like we were old home folk!! He had already taken so much time with the kids, but stopped, shook the kids hands and gave each of them a practice ball he had been playing with. When asked if he would take a picture with Carter, I don't know who was more pleased, Carter or Jeff Bennett!!!
We thought the story had ended there and we had many reasons to cheer for Mr. Jeff Bennett. When we got home and were looking at the autographs, we noticed at the end of Jeff Bennett's signature was included - Matthew 22:37.
"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."
We pray that our children and the people they choose as heroes always hold the Lord number one and love Him with all their might.

Tuesday Night with the Braves and Rangers

Last year the kids had to learn the lesson of trades in baseball. They had fallen in love with Jarrod Saltalamacchia - the back up catcher for the Braves - and at the end of July he was traded to the Texas Rangers. When we went to the Rangers store, they found these shirts to wear in support of one of their favorites!
Carter thought it was great that the Army's Golden Knights came in from the sky to start Tuesday night's game.
Carter, Damon and Laura Beth are ready to cheer on the Texas Rangers - I was the only one who was a Braves fan that night.
Laura Beth with Mama C - Damon's mother
My sweetie and me!!!
What memories we have had at baseball games this year!! While some families go to the beach we head to baseball games to spend time together. It is something that all 4 of us really enjoy. On this trip - which turned out to be Damon's and mine birthday present - Damon's parents were able to join us. We drove to Texarakana, TX, Sunday afternoon, spent Monday there and on Tuesday headed to Arlington, TX, for some memorable days.

Favorite Shots from the Ft. Worth Zoo

On Wednesday of our trip to Texas, we were able to spend a lovely day at the Ft. Worth Zoo. We had a great time checking out the animals and just enjoyed being together as a family. This is a great zoo if you are ever in that area. Even though it was 90+ degrees outside, you did not feel it too terribly bad. There was lots of shade and every now and then you could go under misters to keep you cool. It was a zoo-erific day!

A Trip to the Ft. Worth, Texas Zoo

Carter and Laura Beth ready to have some fun at the zoo.
Damon and Papa John with the kids checking out the animals.
Our fearless leader and wonderful map reader, Laura Beth!! I finally had to take away the map so she would enjoy the animals while we were there!!
"Feed the Birds . . . . A Dollar a Stick!"
One of my favorite shots while waiting for the otters.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Searching for Treasures at Mid South Youth Camp

Laura Beth was able to enjoy going to Mid South Youth Camp this week. Mid South Youth Camp is a summer camp run by Freed-Hardeman employees and students. It is usually designed for kids ages 9 or so and up to go and spend the night. However, the last 4 years they have started a program for junior campers ages 6-8. They come to camp from 8:30-2:00 and do a lot of the things the big campers do. They learn the crazy camp songs along with Bible songs. They do crafts. They get to swim. They have mail call and learn the joys of going to MSYC. At the center of all this is the Bible class. This year's theme was "Searching for Treasure." Each day the kids would have their own special treasure hunt depending on the treasure they were looking for (gold, silver, pearls and jewels). They always found the treasure along with a clue that took them to the Bible where they discovered the TRUE treasures. Laura Beth had a blast and told me that she plans on doing this every year!!! Here are the 31 kids from the first week of junior camp this year singing the theme song, "You Are My All in All."

Treasure Hunters from MSYC, Jr. Wk.

Laura Beth and Kinlee enjoyed spending a week together.
Jumping in at Pool Time on Thursday.
Laura Beth is the 2nd from the left singing their favorite songs - I obviously did not choose the best spot to sit!!!
Miss Brittany giving Laura Beth the Miss Sunshine Award

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