Monday, December 31, 2012

The Way the Welches Celebrate

We decided this year with Damon's family to forgo Christmas presents this year.
We took the money we would have spent on presents and did this instead . . . 

Incredible Dave's

Sky High - The Trampoline Place

Damon taking a plunge

DODGEBALL - trampoline style!

Fun Zone - bumper cars

Taken FROM my bumper car
 Glo Golf

Go Carts

 Lazer Tag

The Welch Family


and their favorite games . . . 

Proof that ANYTIME you are with family who are your friends,

a good time WILL be had!

Christmas Morning Has Finally Come

LB got what she asked for - Legos, Duct Tape (in the big rubbermaid container) and lots of other things.
Carter got what he wanted - a Chris Davis jersey, Thunderstruck, and a bunch of other things

Already busy
The jersey, the chair and the Tervis all different teams, but ALL fit!!!

Uncle Chuck scored BIG TIME with a signed copy of Katelyn Tarver's CD!

Chuck made these great aprons for the pancake making guys! 
Damon gets promoted from just pancakes to waffles now!!!!
A great Christmas for everyone! We hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday as well!

Christmas Eve Traditions

One of my most favorite nights of the year is Christmas Eve.
We have always had so many traditions build around this night,
and while some things have changed . . . 
some things remain the same.
Christmas Eve dinner was at our house this year.
The granddaughters were in charge of the food.

LB created this amazing coffee/hot chocolate bar for people to enjoy.

The table was set - simple enough to hold all the people and food.

The stockings were hung and the lights turned on to create a festive glow.

The bar was full of food . . . family . . . and good conversation.

Special times with special people are always a must.

even if some did not want pictures taken.

Once everyone leaves we settle down into our pajamas,
read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas . . .

and take countless pictures with our stockings just so we can get 
ONE decent one to remember the year by.

Now off to bed to see if Santa comes ...
Check back later!


For a few short hours, we had almost the entire side of my mom's family in Henderson.
All we were missing was Chuck - who was actually in Nashville.
We all loved having everyone together, but I think Pop loved it even more.
For the first time, he had all 8 of his great grandchildren together, so
a picture was a must.

Not too shabby considering 6 of the 8 are 4 years old and under . . . 
Of course, one of the main contributors to the "fun" was my 9 year old!

Hope you have a GREAT GRAND Christmas as well!

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