Monday, April 23, 2012

A Senior Day Like NONE Other

Saturday we spent our day at Carnes Field celebrating a great bunch of seniors and what they have meant not only to FHU baseball, but to my family - VERY emotional day!  Not only was it emotional on this account, if the boys swept (and they had to play 2 1/2 games on Saturday) they would win TranSouth Conference Regular Season Title.  They have not done that since 1997.  So, we were in for a day!

We missed the half game that had to be finished from Friday night.
(I know, I have already been "chewed out" by Carter for not being there.)
They won 13-3!!!!!
Onto Game 2 . . . 
Carter and Dean in their usual position taking in the day.

They won game 2 6-1 (we think)!!! YAY!!!

Our wonderful 14 seniors and their families!

Whitney, Me and Hayley - I love my Newby girls!

What a blessing these boys have been to my family!

Onto Game 3 . . . Hunter pitching . . . Becky a nervous wreck!

In between one of the innings, one of our boys came out and told me that Kirkland had something for Carter after the game.  I told him we would stay as long as we could but Carter had a game at 6:00.
So, in between the next inning, the boys came and brought Carter to the dugout.
Kirkland came out carrying a bat . . . .

Look at that face!!!
that was signed by the WHOLE team - JV and Varsity!!

Kirkland and Carter with the bat . . .

Proud owner of the best gift EVER!!!

Then we had to focus on the game and our boy on the mound . . . 

Watching Hunter at Carnes Field for the last time . . . 
WE WON!!!  Whoo Hoo!
What a way to end Senior Day for a fabulous group of boys!
So proud of them!

After celebrating, Carter had to have pictures with some of the boys . . . 

Carter and Jesse -
Carter describes him as "Our Jason Heyward."

Got to love us some Blake Taylor!
Then, we had a photo shoot with Hunter. I was good and did not take too many . . . 

Carter is 44 again this year in honor of this being Hunter's last year . . .
I cried a few tears . . . not too many, but enough.  We are so proud of these boys not only as leaders on the field but in life as they have brought a spiritual focus back to the team.  They have made a BIG impression on our family and others they have touched.
We love you, all!

Extra . . . Extra . . . Carter's First Press Release

2012 FHU Baseball
They win the TransSouth Conference

The 2012 FHU baseball team won the TransSouth Conference on April 21, 2012.  This is the first time they have won it since 1997.  They could not have won it without their 14 seniors: Matt Singleton, Blake Taylor, Jesse Hykes, Jonathan Soto, Andy Southard, Evan Mansell, Kirkland Wheeler, Roberto Ferguson, Josh Goodwin, Ben Ihde, Tyler Wilson, Amos Bingham, Charlie Overturf, and Hunter Newby.  Their great coaches, J.D. Flowers, Jonathan Estes, and Jason Gallagher have worked really hard with these players.  FHU baseball has one of the best fans out of any college baseball team.  Every player on the team has worked hard this season.  We will miss all of these seniors, but some of them are sticking around.  Some of the seniors have set franchise records in their seasons at Freed Hardeman.  And good luck in the playoffs.

Not a bad press release from an 8 year old!!!!

Happy Birthday, Dear Sisters

We are so fortunate to have our college kids over whenever we can.  We always like a reason to celebrate and what better reason than TWO birthdays within TWO days of each other.  Claire and Emily are far from home, so we tried to bring a bit of home to them for their birthday.  On the menu, their favorite meal, Mexican Chicken Stuff, Strawberry Cookies and Funfetti Birthday cake!!

Happy Birthday, Claire Bear and Em!
Katie belted a lovely rendition of the song!

Hayley was VERY into the moment while Whitney was feeling it herself.
LB just enjoyed the moment!

Make a Wish!
 While we did that . . . The boys were doing basketball tricks . . . 

Yes, he did make the dunk.
Thank you, Eric, for being a prop!
 Then, the game moved outside . . .

We just love our kiddos!

How could you not love this group?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tonight . . . Tonight . . . Makin' Music 2012

Our Makin' Music Saturday was something crazy.  We literally were all going in different directions.  Thankfully, most of us were in different directions on the same campus!!!!  LB and Madlyn literally spent all day walking around campus trying to get people to come eat at the Lunch Box to help raise money for the new pool.  Drum up business they did!!!! Thanks to all who came out and supported this!

Who could resist these three sweet faces?
 Carter and I were (surprise, surprise) at the ball park to cheer on the FHU Lions.  We had some sweet baby birds whose mother made their nest in the dugout cheering on the Lions as well.  Either that or they were like my baby bird and wanted food!

We ran home quickly . . . cleaned up . . . ate supper . . . and took off to Makin' Music 2012.  We had to stop off and see some of our favorites before they took the stage.

The kids with Brittany 
The kids with Cynthia
 One of my favorite things about Makin Music is seeing former kids come back . . . with kids!!!!  We finally got to meet sweet Gracie and she stole our heats even more!!!

She loved Aunt Becky's necklace!

The kids adored her!
 Finally, it was off to the show!!!  Katy sat close one last time - as next year she will be IN the show - 

Poor Damon had to work . . . However, Hayley got to take his place and we loved having her sitting with us and seeing a Saturday night performance for the first time!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend.  The show was one of the best shows I have ever seen and we were all excited because the kids' favorite shows were the ones that placed!!!!!  Got to love this time of year!

READY . . . SET . . . HUNT 2012

We love Easter with our college kids. They just make the day so much better. We were so blessed to have some of them that could not go home (and one who came straight from her home) join us for lunch and hunt at Gran and Grandad's.
Claire, Seevers, Carter, Emily, LB and Amber are ready to hunt!

Guys' team . . .

Girls' team - yes, they outnumbered the boys badly.
 The hunt got a bit vicious!  This is the start . . . rule - you had to stay with your kid!
LB did not feel the need to stay with her crew.
 The girls were off and ready to go . . .
They were seen doing this (without their kid)

which led to this . . .

While the boys did this . . .

which led to this . . .

 We decided to make it a tad bit even, so
poor Claire (declared just a basic handicap)
and Amber (who was in a dress which handicapped her) were kicked
off the girls' team.

It's ok, girls. I love you!
 The All-Star Egg Hunt began!
You will notice the guys are a tad bit more aggressive this time.

The final results?

Aggressiveness payed off.
Boys won.

Series tied 1-1.
Until next year . . . .

Easter 2012

The kids and I left Nashville BRIGHT and early Sunday morning to get back in time for Bible class (that I had to teach).  When we got home, the Easter bunny had stopped by for a visit.  The kids enjoyed looking through their baskets.

Of course, we had to have pictures!!

Can't wait till lunch and the egg hunt!
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