Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!!

For Father's Day we went to RoRo and Bub's for lunch.
We had a great meal and great time with family.
We are so blessed to be around so much family and are so grateful for the opportunity
to be with all the ones we can - whenever we can!

4 Fabulous Fathers - Damon, Bub, Pop and Dad

He's such a good daddy!

My sweet Papa!!!!

The McCalls Are Back in Town!!!!!!

So how do we celebrate?
By jumping into BeBe's pool!!!!!

We are so glad they are back with us for a few weeks!!!!!

Back to the Generals

Damon was a dear and took the kids with some of our dearest friends to the 
Jackson Generals game again the other DAY - not night - DAY!
Carter was pumped and still a little mad that last time he did not get to see Stephen pitch, so
he made this sign to take with him.
You know because I am SURE the coach is looking into the stands to convince him who to put in the game!

I did not get to go with them because of a previous engagement, but the kids had a HOT day at the ball park.  However, the Generals are so smart.  They take care of things like that for you.
Today was Super Splash Day. We kept wondering what that was all about.
Here's the low-down.

Super Splash Day = the Fire Department being there with the fire hose to spray the fans down EVERY half inning.

Super Splash Day = 4 Happy Kids!

They were drenched but they had oh so much fun!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's Go, Generals!!!

We have always enjoyed going to the local double A Mariners baseball games.
We especially love going now because we have someone to cheer for - Stephen!!!
Stephen is Connor's brother and he is fabulous to leave us tickets when we want to go.
We never know if we are going to see Stephen play or not because he is a relief pitcher, but we enjoy

LB will say she does not enjoy the ballgames but she does.
Tonight though she was ALL about the food!  On the menu was Dippin' Dots for sure.
Then, she and her friends screamed loud enough they got an ice cream sandwich!!

A great night for a ballgame with great food and friends!!!!

Week 1, 2013 Comes To An End

LB ended Week 1 of camp with a BANG!!
To say she loves this place and the people there is an understatement.
I think these pictures speak for themselves . . . .
Madlyn, LB, Kendra and Allie on Wednesday night after church
Cabin 3 counselors and friends
Singing crazy camp songs . . . 

with friends Madlyn, Rachel, Mac and Peyton
LB, Rachel and Madlyn

With Lexi

I love these pictures of her and McKenzie.
You can just see the love and joy coming from them.
Here's hoping McKenzie is our counselor Week 3 since Audrey won't be here.

Counselor and Twin Audrey

4 years ago we NEVER thought this picture would happen . . . .  
LB and Steven - Finally Friends!!!!
Good-bye, MSYC!!!
See you in a week!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review: Sweet Sanctuary

I love the summertime because I get to read to my heart's content for the most part!!  I started the summer with a book Bethany House publishers gave me in exchange for a review.  I was very interested in Sweet Sanctuary by Kim Vogel Sawyer because I had never read any of her books before.    I was NOT disappointed.

I really did not know where this book would go but it did not disappoint.  It went in so many directions!  Lydia and Micah go way back to their service time together in Hawaii at the beginning of America's involvement in WWII.  Lydia mysteriously leaves her job and is really never heard from again until one day Micah receives a note from Lydia's father telling him that Micah is the father of Lydia's child.  Micah goes up to see Lydia to get everything straightened out because he knows there is NO way he is the father.  From there, the story spirals.  Both Lydia and Micah hold secrets they are hesitant to share with each other.  Lydia is holding back the true secret of her son and how she is trying to keep him safe from his drug-addicted father because who knows what he would do with him.  Micah works with immigrants in New York as well as a secret mission with his brother who is a missionary overseas.

Ms. Sawyer does a great job keeping you on your toes as each situation is developed in the story as well as solved.  This is a story full of forgiveness, trust, God's plan for everyone, and love.  It needs to be on everyone's summer reading list.

MSYC Week 1, 2013

FINALLY!!! The girls have had a countdown since December, I think, on when they could go to camp!  The day has arrived!!!!!!

They are so excited!!
What I love about them and camp is that they have their set of friends that come each week.
This is the third year these 4 have been together!!!

Kinlee, LB, Madlyn and Hannah 

The girls with their counselor, Audrey!
Missing so many - Ashley, Brittany and Anniston

Good Luck, Cabin 3!!!!
You many never be the same!

Here's To You, DC!!!!!!

Damon made some smart aleck comment about me and all the Starbucks that would be in DC,
so I proved to him I could go the WHOLE time without one!  I DID it, too!!!
It about killed me some days, but I did it!!! To be nice to me, he went across the street from our hotel
(yes - there was one RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET) and bought me one as we headed out
that morning.  Not only did he bring me one, but look who else got their first 

Yep . . . . we can't afford ALL of us to be hooked on Starbucks.
Can't wait till next time, DC!!!!!

Take Me Out To The Museums and Ballgame

Our last day in DC was a COLD COLD COLD one.
So we spent it in the Museum of American History and the Museum of Natural Science.
We saw a lot of great stuff!!!

Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz
We LOVE Kermit!!!!
Finally found Jackie Robinson!!!
He was NOT fond of the WWII helmet.
Laura Beth the Riveter!!!  She said it was HARD work! 
with Grant's carriage
President Carter
President LB
LB and Carter with triceratops  
An elephant's leg bone compared to LB
Aunt Imo and Uncle Jim joined us at the Natural History Museum
We did tried some "touristy" shots before we headed to Nationals Stadium for the ball game.

Carter was THRILLED to finally make it to Nationals Park for a game verses the Phillies.
We were so appreciative of our tickets that Mr. Brian (Connor's dad) left for us.
It was a BLAST!!!!

Not dramatic AT ALL!!!!
 While Carter and Damon watched batting practice, LB and I hung out and got to meet the presidents.

LB and George Washington
LB with Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt
LB and Abe Lincoln
LOVED our seats!!! 

He was so excited!!!!
What a great last day we had together!!!!
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