Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh, LB!!!!

As I was about to head out for a shopping trip, LB asked me if I would get her some batteries for her fan water sprayer.  I looked at her and asked what kind of batteries she needed.  A looooonnnnggg pause occurred and, when I asked her again, she looked at me in ALL seriousness and said,

I don't know how to read battery language!

She really has been full of it lately.  You never know what is going to come out of her mouth!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Never Fear . . . . Super Heroes are here . . .

but they just want ice cream.
and, yes, they ARE in their pajamas!

We had promised the kids ice cream all week, and Saturday night after showers, we went and got ice cream.  Damon could not believe I let them go in their pajamas, but why not? We put smiles on people's faces who probably needed to smile, so I guess the super heroes did, for some people,


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day Tripping to Shiloh

When asked what the kids wanted to do to start their Memorial Day weekend, the answer was a giant, "SHILOH!!!"  The day was a bit cooler (in the 60's) for late May, but it was beautiful and we enjoyed our day so much.  We began the trip by going down to Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River where the boats would have docked to let the soldiers off to prepare for the battle.
The kids with the Tennessee River behind them.
This is where the soldiers would have docked off the boats to get ready for the battle.

Carter skipping (or throwing) rocks in the river.
From there we started the drive around the park.  We HAD to stop at the Tennessee Monument.  This is the kids' favorite monument and we have to stop EACH time we come.

Drawing the Tennessee Monument - their favorite monument at the park.

We have never stopped at the church so we decided to make a stop to see a replica of the church that gave the battle its name.  The kids thought it was great to see what it would have looked like "back then."  Carter even led Jesus Loves the Little Children for us!
On the steps of the Shiloh church - what the battle would have been named after.
 No trip to Shiloh is complete unless we stop and eat lunch at Rhea Springs.  The color weather kept us out of the water, but we still enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  The snake was not there this time and the water was A LOT higher than we had ever seen it!  The kids loved playing on the rocks and playing tag in the clearing.
Lunch at Rhea Springs - a must when we go to Shiloh.
Also the place of the to-be wedding in Love is a Battlefield.

The perfect area for a game of Tag.
 A new stop was Frailey's Field.  This is where the battle of Shiloh actually began.  It was interesting to see the area and the way the soldiers would have come.  We met a man whose great great uncle fought at Frailey's Field.  Another great lesson for all of us as we came to Shiloh to celebrate Memorial Day.
Frailey's Field - where the battle began.
Another favorite spot at Shiloh that we have to go to EACH time is the National Cemetery.   I especially love going on Memorial Day when each grave bears an American flag.

Overlooking the Tennessee River
We always enjoy our trips to Shiloh and what we learn each time we go!  

Thank you to all who fought for and served our country!!!

My Favorite Color in the Crayon Box

LB enjoyed Fine Arts Camp at FHU this past week.  The students who are taking the short courses, Art for Children and Music for Children, put to practice what they have learned in class the last week of class by having a camp for the children.  LB enjoyed doing art and music each day. On Thursday, they had a small program to show off what they have learned.
Playing their recorder to Trashin' the Camp from Tarzan

LB and Madlyn ready to show what they have learned.

LB and Anna Catherine afterwards

LB and her creations from the week
LB also won Best Girl Neighbor Award for Music and Favorite Color in the Crayon Box Award for Art.  She had a great week and we are now enjoying the recorder at home!!!! - THANKS!!!!

Seriously, thank you to all who helped make it a great week!

A Week of Baseball - Sign Me Up!

Carter was able to spend this past week at baseball camp.  To say that he was in heaven on earth is an understatement.  The coaches were great and said that Carter had gotten better!! Carter was thrilled!  
Look at that face! Is he not in heaven?

Yes, that is a mohawk on the child!
Thank you, Damon! (Ugghh!)

Always ready for a play
Thanks, Coach Estes, Coach Gallagher and Coach JD!! What a great week!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Love of a Small Town

Only in a small town can you leave a baseball game 
and step into a lighted alley
full of friends, neighbors and wonderful fun . . .  

music that brings some people out of their seat
and onto the dance floor . . .

Where friends of all ages can meet together . . .

LB and Micah with the bear balloon

where imaginations can run wild . . .

and creativity is at its highest level . . .

Carter with his twist hat and Drew with his anteater.
Where you can step into a little bit of Italy . . .

to enjoy real gelato ice cream - any flavor of your choosing!

LB enjoys her birthday cake gelatto
So thankful for our sweet small town and all that it enables us to do.

Who said we would be bored here?

It is NOW Official . . . .

for a daughter!!!!

It is killing me!!!  We took the kids yesterday to get their report cards and, for the last time, LB walked in as a student.  Of course, I had to get pictures of people who have helped her grow into the special person she is today!

LB, Mrs. Dee, and Madlyn
Can you feel the love between these 3?

Mrs. Norma was their computer teacher for 4 years!
She loves her kids!

Mrs. Spring goes to church with us and is our AMAZING vice-principal!

Special friends - Madlyn, John Nic and LB

Mrs. Kim was LB's Kindergarten and First Grade teacher.
When her kids went to First Grade, she became the principal.

Here they are again - on the first day of First Grade!!!!!
Thank you, East Chester, for being a wonderful school for LB. Thank you, teachers, for loving her and helping her grow!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Bit of Me is in Him . . .

To celebrate the end of school Tuesday night we went to the local AA baseball game - Jackson Generals vs Huntsville Stars.  While we were there, Damon and Carter spotted All-Star ballots.  During "dead" times of the game (it WAS a slow game), Carter and Damon filled out a ballot each.  Then, Carter finished LB's ballot.  I was the smart one and picked up a bunch more for us to take home.  Carter filled out more.  He fills out baseball All-Star ballots like I fill out March Madness brackets - the more, the better.  As of Wednesday morning, he had filled out . . .

"Who I want to go to the All-Star Game"

"Who I think will be picked to go to the All-Star Game"

"Who really deserves to go to the All-Star Game"

Then, I became the NOT smart one telling Carter he could vote online.  This is what became of that - 

Studying his options for the

"Who has the best numbers to go to the All-Star Game"
ballot. . . .

Tomorrow night, Damon and Carter are going back to the minor league game because the Mississippi Braves are in town - wonder how many MORE ballots will be filled out now . . . .

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Laura Beth's Third Grade Awards

We celebrated Laura Beth and all of her third grade friends yesterday with their big awards ceremony.  It was a bitter/sweet day as I cried bringing her into school for the last time.  I can't believe it was 4 years ago that we brought her in as a little kindergartener and yesterday she entered her last day of elementary school.  She has grown so much and we are so proud of her - for many reasons!

Laura Beth received many awards for her accomplishments this year.  The picture above shows her receiving her certificate and American flag for participating in the patriotic program.  She also received the Sportsmanship Award, the AR Reading Award, the A/B Honor Roll Award, the 3 A's (Attitude, Attendance and Academics) Award, and Attendance Award for missing one day of school.  The thing I am most proud of, though, is when she looked at me and told me she was so glad certain kids in her room won certain awards because they deserved them!! Makes a Momma proud!

Laura Beth's Third (and Second) Grade Class

The 3 Muskateers - Hillary, Madlyn and LB.
We thought Hillary was moving, but she is not!!!!

These 5 kiddos have been in school together since Kindergarten.  They are probably the only ones in ECES history that can say they had only 2 teachers from K-3!!! We were so blessed that Mrs. Kim looped with them from K to first grade, and, then, Mrs. Dee looped with them from second grade to third grade! What a blessing!!!

Mrs. Sandy has been with LB and the other 4 kids for all 4 years as well as their aide!
Another MAJOR blessing!

Good buddies - LB, Madlyn, LeighAnne and MK

So glad, too, that RoRo is always down the hall in case we need her!
We are so proud of LB and all of her friends! They have had a SOLID foundation built at East Chester that I know will go with them wherever they go!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Grade Awards Day

We celebrated Carter and his end of first grade yesterday in his classroom.  His teacher, Mrs. Rogers', gave out awards.  Carter earned the Reading Award for his ability to read and having the most AR points in the classroom.  He also earned the All A's Honor Roll award.  Carter has worked very hard this year and has learned MANY lessons - one being that he does not have to be perfect!!!!

After awards, the class put on two plays they had been working on for the parents - The Big Turnip and The Little Red Hen.  Carter was the storyteller for the The Little Red Hen play and did a great job!

One of the things we are MOST proud of for Carter is his love for all the kids in his classroom.  He has been very encouraging and friendly to all.  He wanted a picture with EACH child in his classroom.  I will save you all those and share this sweet one of him and his friend, Pearce.

Mrs. Rogers was a wonderful teacher to Carter this year. He was blessed with a teacher who loved, encouraged, pushed and inspired him - as well as she could talk baseball with him!!!!

Thanks for a great year!!!
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