Monday, July 29, 2013

Throughout Week 7 of MSYC

I really love technology and the fact that I can see pictures of my kids when I am not with them.
I got these pictures from different people during Carter's week at camp.
NO. DOUBT. he had a great time!

Got the nickname KD for the rest of the week after the basketball game.

His cabin

Shaving cream fight
 And what brings us so much pride and joy . . . 
His tacky day outfit . . . 

There are NO. WORDS.

MSYC Week 7 - Going Solo

Carter LOVED MYSC so much week 3 that we wanted to go back for another week.
He had his hopes set on being in Steven's cabin since it was his last year,
but before we took him, he said he would love to be in any of the guys' cabins because 
he loved them all.
However, this picture speaks for itself when we realizes that he IS in Steven's cabin for the week!

So, we took the boy IN THE POURING RAIN to cabin 4
and got him unloaded and set up . . . 
right. by. Tucker.

They are so excited to be at camp and I know they are going to have a wonderful time!

Toad Hunting . . . Duck Dynasty Style

Damon and I were cleaning out the flower beds the other day and noticed this sweet
toad had made his home among the bushes.  Carter proceeded to catch it "just like Jase."

He named in Jase in honor of the Duck Dynasty star and then let him go - 
after much convincing from us!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Raindrops on Roses . . . Whiskers on Kittens . . .

Bright cooper kettles . . . 
and warm woolen mittens . . . 
Brown paper packages tied up with string . . .
These are a few of my favorite things.

Last night I had a few of my favorite people over for a "Favorite Things" party.
I had seen a picture from one and had seen the idea floating around on pinterest, so I decided to give it 
a try.  

Some people have been asking how things went, so here is the low down. . .
I invited my friends and asked them to bring
1.  their favorite dish
2.  5 of their favorite item (1 item that is your favorite - bring 5).

When they arrived, they were greeted with my favorite pattern right now - chevron - in some 
of my favorite colors!!!!

They placed their favorite foods on the table and then filled out 5 of these cards that would
be used to determine who would get what later on in the night.

I made each guest one of these bags to hold their goodies from the night. 

We all enjoyed such wonderful food and fellowship.
Then, we unveiled our favorite things and who would get them.
I got caught up in the action, so some of the pictures aren't the best.

LB came to the party.  She was so excited about it!
She brought $5 Sonic cards!
Bridget brought Rosebud Salve for 5 lucky guests.
Ashley stressed the most about her gift but did a great job!
She incorporated her favorite things into the gift wrap as well!
She brought coupon holders, coupons, car air freshener, etc.
Cherri brought Bath & Body Works Hand Soap!!! 
Janet shared her favorite thing - shopping for accessories - at her new
favorite store - Rue 21.  She brought the cutest bracelet's!!!!
Melissa brought Wickles pickle relish and pepper rings!!!
She did not think everyone would appreciate it, but we did!!!
Melanie shared her favorite thing - plants!!!
She brought the prettiest flowers - Lantana.
Sasha brought Ulta nail polish and chapstick!  They were such cute colors!
Everyone who got them LOVED them!!
After someone would unveil their favorite thing, they would draw 5 slips of paper (making sure it wasn't their own name or someone's name twice).  Those 5 people would get that person's favorite thing.  So, everyone left with 5 different items. 
Everyone had such a great time that we are already planning to have another one - this time with a theme!! The possibilities are just endless with what you could do with this party and your closest friends!!!

A Beautiful Night for a Ballgame

We are always up for a baseball game, and Dollar Night at the Jackson Generals is always
a hit.  We get our tickets from Stephen, but dollar hot dogs, drinks and popcorn?  Sign me up!!!!
We went with my aunt, uncle, Tonya and Keegan this night, and had a blast!!
Carter got to meet some of the Tennessee Smokies (Cubs AA team).

The kids just enjoyed being together and loved talking ball during the whole game!

Isn't this just beautiful!!!!

This was my protection for the night from foul balls. I did not feel too safe!
The Generals were losing and were NOT putting in Stephen much to my chagrin.
Our family is a huge believer of the rally cap and Carter tried to help out a bit
but it didn't help . . . 

We were super pumped when we bought a pack of Generals baseball cards and whose card happened
to be in there - STEPHEN'S!!!!!!!!

Despite the Generals' loss . . . 
Despite the fact that Stephen did not pitch . . . 
It was a great night for baseball.
but when isn't it a great night for baseball?

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Pinterest Baby Shower

Just as the wedding shower was a huge hit, the baby shower was not to be outdone!  "You Are My Sunshine" is the theme of the nursery, so it was the perfect theme for the shower.
The gifts, too, were so unique to each person's abilities.  Baby Boy Lennox is due to come to Darryl and Chelsea around August 8.  We are all so excited from them and know they are going to be 
amazing parents to this precious little baby! We wanted to show them how much we love them and are here for them.

I made a "Watch Me Grow" album.  It has each month (along with special holidays) for the first year for them
to put pictures in to see how he grows.
Allison made a teething necklace for Chelsea to wear.
Erin made this bucket full of personalized items.
Don't know why this is sideways, but Ashley made this monster coloring bag.
Inside she can put coloring books.
Keli made a changing pad (above) and rice bag (below).

Sherry made an Oscar hat for Lennox.
Hannah made felt numbers with beads in them. 
Dana made this "I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!" frame.
Bridget made these burp cloths.
You can see in this picture the "Shhh. . . Baby is Sleeping" sign Ashli made.
She is also in the process of finishing a blanket for Lennox.

We are so excited for Darryl and Chelsea as they prepare for Lennox's arrival.
We are also looking forward to more Pinterest Baby Showers coming up in the future as others are due in the next few months!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Pinterest Wedding Shower

As mentioned in the previous post, my fellow Pinterest Partiers had a 
"You Are My Sunshine" party for two of our members the other night.
Keli and Kevin have been married for almost two months now and we wanted to celebrate their special day with them Pinterest style!!!!  Everyone made something from Pinterest for the new bride and brought it with them to the party for her to open.  I loved seeing everyone's special talent shine through in their project.  It was so special.  For some reason, I don't have pictures of all the gifts, but you can go here to see all that was brought.

The menu board Hannah made.
The wreath Ashli made.

The drink dispenser I made.

The coffee cups Erin made.
The famous couples sign Dana made.

The sign Chelsea made.

The guest book Allison made.

The Verse of the Week plaque Ashley made.

The "I love you because . . . " frame Sherry made.
It really was one of the best nights we have ever had!!!!

You Are My Sunshine Pinterest Party

For our latest Pinterst party, we had a celebration!!!
Keli had recently gotten married and Chelsea is due with baby boy Lennox in about a month.
So we decided to have a Pinterest Wedding/Baby shower for them.

I volunteered to have it at my house and decided to go with a 
"You Are My Sunshine" theme. 
I felt like that matched both ideas.  Then, come to find out that is the theme of Lennox's nursery!
We added the blue to bring in a color from Keli's wedding!
It turned out just perfect!

I made the banner with the help of LB using my Plantin Schoolbook cartridge as well as Celebrations. 

The blue Mason jars were a perfect touch for us to use as cups for the party. 
Kristen brought homemade Cherry Limeade which was delicious!!!!
Our honorees dipping into the amazing food everyone brought!

Kristen had the brilliant idea of creating a Pinterest board for everyone to pin their ideas, so you can go here to see all the recipes and gift ideas (see the next posts).
Keli, Me and Chelsea
The crew minus Ashli
We always have such a great time!! Come back to see posts on the gifts that were brought for the ladies!
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