Monday, July 9, 2012

District 2 Runners-Up

I am so proud of the boys. I was afraid they would be disappointed in second place, but they were thrilled! I think they knew how hard their opponent was and they won 2 out of 3 games with a player short.  They could not stop touching the trophy and had a great time posing with it as you will see . . . 

On to State now . . . 
Let's Go, Chester County!!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

District 2 Championship Game

I am so proud of Carter's All-Star team.  They fought back after losing Saturday's game to Fayette County.  Monday they had to face Ramer again and won 13-3!  On Wednesday, we had to face Fayette again and came back to win 9-8!!!  Since that was Fayette's first loss, we had to play again for District Champs.  What a game!
Our slugger on deck

He played first most of this game.
They did move him to second in the fifth inning.

They all played well against a WONDERFUL team, but fell short due to one bad defensive inning.  The final score was 6-3.  The boys were thrilled with second place and an automatic bid to State!!!! So we are off next weekend to White House for that! Congrats, boys! You did very well!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Play Date with the Cousins

Andrew and Mary Beth spent a few days with their Grammy and Grandpa (our RoRo and Bub) which meant we had to have a play date! My kids love it when their younger cousins come to play and expect to have a play date with them while they are here.  So, one morning we all met at Gran and Grandad's for a great morning of cousin love!
Off to play some baseball in the back field.

Andrew took a break from baseball to join
Mary Beth and LB on the swings!

Mary Beth was quite impressed with Carter's skills!

Baseball at its best!

Singing VBS songs!

LOVE this one - they were helping MB with the
New Testament songs
I am so glad my kids love their family and want to spend time with them.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: Touching the Sky

WOW! I have a love/hate relationship with a good book.  While I love reading them . . . I hate it because once I get into a good book nothing else happens! That is just what happened with the newest book from Tracie Peterson, Touching the Sky.  Bethany House sent me a free copy to read if I would write a review about it, and I am so glad they did.

I really enjoy Mrs. Peterson's books.  This is the second in a series based in Texas.  I read the first book in this series, Chasing the Sun,  not too long ago, and loved it.  However, this one may be my favorite.  Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, after the Civil War, Laura and her family must face the fact that because they supported the Union in a Confederate state, they are not well liked.  On top of this, Brandon Reid and his black troop of Union soldiers are still hanging around town and people are ready for them to leave.  People are still at war with each other and Laura wonders if the Civil War will really ever end.  She realizes that a lot of things may be like trying to Touch the Sky - almost impossible.  Despite the hard times Laura is facing, her sister Carissa has fallen in love with a Confederate soldier and Laura does not have a good feeling about it.  At the wedding, Laura overhears her now brother-in-law plotting something that could bring them all to their end.  She reaches out to Brandon, who has been aware that this could be the ring leader the army has been looking for, to try to help her sister.  Trying to save her sister . . . trying to teach the newly freed slaves to read . . . trying to fall in love . . . it all feels like it is out of her reach.  Laura gets a little too involved and may be in trouble.

Tracie Peterson had me from the very beginning and keeps you right in the palm of her hand as you read the book.  A wonderful summer read that you will be so glad you picked up!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blessings Bags

When LB's Book Club read The Family Under the Bridge a few months ago, the idea was brought up to make bags to give people who were homeless.  Earlier this summer, Lexi attended a session at FHU's GO camp where they talked about making bags to give the homeless and the spark was lit again.  The girls began making lists of things that they needed to do and get.  They began asking people to help them with this project and people responded. Some of the items that were brought included:

packs of tissues            small bottles of hand sanitizer
wash cloths         peppermints and hard candy
packs of gum       combs     shampoo
razors and shaving cream       toothpaste and toothbrushes
chap stick      bars of soap
granola bars      packs of crackers
band aids     water bottles
packs of peanuts and raisins       deodorant

Two of the girls made cloth bags to put everything in and each girl wrote notes to put in the bags wishing the person a great day and reminding them that God loves them.  Lexi and her family are taking these bags to our nation's capital this weekend when they go for a conference up there but plans are already under way for what they can do for those in our own town.

LB and Cecily writing notes

A great group of girls!

Ready to pack the bags!

Cecily adds packs of tissues and hand sanitizer

Lexi adds wash cloths, peppermints and packs of gum
Ivy added combs, shaving cream and toothpaste

Rachel Grace added shampoo and deodorant.

LB added razors and toothbrushes

LeighAnne added soap and chap stick

Mary Katherine added granola bars and hard candy
Sara added bandaids

What an assembly line!

The notes were put in each bag.

The girls made at least 30 bags!
The water bottles and packs of crackers are going to be added later so they don't get crushed!
To end the work party, we all celebrated sweet Lexi's 10th birthday with an amazing fruit pizza!

So proud of these girls and the hard work they put into this project! Can't wait to see what else they can come up with!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In Honor of Those Who Gave it All

so we could have it all.

Being an Air Force brat and a history fan, I try to teach my children all I can about those who have done and given all so that we have the freedoms we have today.  Plus, one of their favorite places in all the world is the National Cemetery at Shiloh on Memorial Day weekend.  So, when the opportunity came for us to go and help place flags on the graves of Chester County veterans, we jumped at the opportunity.
LB placing a flag on Mr. Emmett's grave.
He went to church with us and was Madlyn's neighbor.
We lost him this February.
Cecily did a great job finding the graves and even found a veteran who shares her
birthday. She thought that was great!
This grave is one of one of the oldest veterans - a World War 1 veteran. 

Carter was amazed at how many from Chester County had served.

We saved a flag to take to the city cemetery where my Papa Whittle's best friend is buried.  Brother Jess fought in World War 2 and was the only one from his fox hole to survive one of the battles. 

I really did not know how they would take to this, but they really enjoyed it.  We have plans made for next year as well.  I would encourage any of you to do the same thing in your town. Our kids need to know!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not Done Yet . . . .

We thought baseball was over . . . We were wrong.  Carter made All-Stars again this year, so we are back to the grind with a great team and some wonderful coaches!  We have been very blessed to have been able to play with the same core team for the past three years.  Each year some new ones come in and we love getting to know them.  This year is NO different.  

Great Coaches
Great Teammates
Great Parents
Same Uniforms
100+ Heat . . .

Let's Go, Chester County 8 Year Olds!

Batting left handed for the first time in All-Stars . . . 

Being a utility infielder this season - mainly going between second and shortstop
They are doing pretty well.  They won their first game 10-1; lost their second 9-2 and won their third game 13-3.
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