Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is America . . . . to me!

The kids sing a song with that title in school, and they love it.  I laugh and say that it is our school's anthem.  They play it every morning and, if you ever have the privilege of standing in the hall, you can hear all the children sing it as it is played.  What a way to start the day! I thought yesterday was about as American as you could get in our house.

This is America.
Land that I love. . .
Carter began his third season as the FHU bat boy yesterday.

My country - the United States
Under one shining sun . . . 
To say he has grown would be an undestatement

So many different people
Together proud and free . . .
He and Mackey met after each half inning in the field to "bump" 

This is America.
America . . . to me
He loves being with the big guys and they love him!
After the baseball game, it was on to school for the annual Relay for Life baked potato supper - where the school raise $1800!!!!  After the program, the third graders, held their annual Patriotic Program.  They sang This is America, and then different students dressed up as famous Americans (and Tennesseans).  They read a little biography about their person.  Our LB chose - Minnie Pearl!!!!

All kinds of ice cream . . .
Animals on the farm . . .
Howdeeeeeeee!!!! Price tag and all!
Pilgrims at Thanksgiving . . . .
Boats, trains and cars . . . .
Helping each other . . . .

People I love . . . .
Special guests, Bob and Joan Brown 
LB and Great Papa Whittle
Grandad and Gran Willis

LB (Minnie Pearl), Madlyn (Amelia Earhardt) and Lillie (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

This is America!
America to me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Favorite Thing about My Least Favorite Nights

I am thankful Damon has a job.

I am thankful we live in a safe neighborhood.

I am thankful that I have good neighbors around me that will be at my house
in a moments notice.

I don't like it when Damon has to close at night.

However, I do love . . .

the kids "fighting" over who gets to start off in my bed . . .
(Damon moves them to their bed when he gets home)

watching the basketball/football/baseball/Disney show on tv with the kids . . . 

all of us getting our favorite book at the time and just relaxing together . . .
reading . . .

until we can't stay awake any longer.

I do love that they love to be with me . . . .
and I pray they always do.

Late night work shifts - I have a love/dislike 
(cause we don't say the "h" word)
relationship with you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Be Hospitable: Why and How?


Next Wednesday night, I am teaching one of our ladies' Bible classes about Lydia and hospitality.  I have had some great personal studies getting ready to teach this class, and I feel I have been blessed as well as challenged!!!!  However, I want to make this study one that challenges those in the class to be more hospitable to  ALL kinds of people (guests, sick, strangers, etc) as well as show them how "easy" it can be. So, what do I need from you?  Please do one or more of the following for me:

1.  Tell of a time when someone's hospitality helped you in your life.

2.  Share a recipe (or 2 or 3) that is a crowd pleaser (and relatively easy).

3.  Give any ideas, comments, etc. you have on how hospitality has worked for you.

Please write a post on your blog and link it to mine.  Then, leave a comment with me so I know to go and find you!!!  Encourage your readers to do the same thing.  If they do this, have them leave a comment with your name, so I know who sent them to me!!!  On Sunday, February 20, 2010, I will announce a winner based on how many people you sent my way (1 entry per person) and ideas you sent my way (1 entry per idea/recipe/story etc).   Thanks so much for helping me out!! After class on Wednesday, I will share my lesson with you on the blog!!!! Thanks!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day
from our house to yours!!!

During the snow days last week, my sweet kids made these easy, adorable Valentine's for the senior members of our congregation.  The teens held a Sweetheart Dinner for all the elders and senior members on the Saturday before Valentine's Day.  They asked some of the younger kids to make Valentine's to give out at the dinner.  My kids picked this Valentine to make.

I used my Cricut and the cartridge, Plantin Schoolbook.  We used the flower shape on the cartridge and cut them at 3 inches.  For some of the the flower petals, we chose to italicize the flowers to give a different shape. We used them for the top pedals.  We cut other flowers just as is and used them for the bottom flowers.  to assemble, we stuck the stick of a lollipop through the center of the flowers we had cut out.  Very simple and easy, but the kids thought they looked great.  It was something THEY COULD DO, and we did it!!!  We made close to 50 in one afternoon - which shows you how simple and easy they are to put together!!

We hope you have had a special day with ALL of your loves!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coming Home . . . .

To say we love our college kids is a MAJOR understatement.  We have been blessed beyond belief to have such wonderful students in our home for the past 9 years.  When Laura Beth was 3, we got our first group of kids that really became ours.  These kids would be at the house every Sunday for lunch and often other times throughout the week.  They really became part of our family.  We are still so close to these girls and I miss them so much - especially during basketball season.  I seriously have days when I just want to see "my girls," and I tell them that!

What a treat yesterday was when three of them came for the big game against Union!!!  It was so good to see them. I had seen Megan in July, but had not seen Kari or Ashley since April!!  While we missed Jenny - who "had" to go to her "real home," it was so good to see my girls.  I would also be a bad mother if I left out Nicole - why did I not get a picture with you, Nicole?  She lives close by and will literally pop in at who knows when!!  One day you will get your own post, Nicole!!!

I love my girls and am so proud of them - all grown up, married and one's going to have the first baby  in August!!!! Know I love you and am always here for you!  Thanks for making my weekend, girls!
Me, Megan, Ashley (and Baby), and Kari
Notice my friend, Lona, who laid down on the seat behind us as to avoid the pic
and my other friend, Kim, laughing at her!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night Movie Night is BAAACKK!!!

Growing up, we would always use Friday or Saturday night as movie night.  I can vividly remember going to the movie store and agonising over whose turn it was to pick the movie and then which movie to pick.  I can also remember renting a VCR to watch the movies we rented because we did not own one of the newfangled contraptions!!!!  

Well, tonight, Mom gave me a call and asked if we wanted to come over for a very special movie night.  Those of you who follow (and have followed) my blog remember this post I made a few months ago.  If you did not see it or don't have a clue what I am talking about - go to the link right now!!!!  My little brother, Chuck, has been out in LA for a few years now doing this and that.  This project was one of the this and that's that he has been doing: Pure Country 2: The Gift.

So today when we were in Wal-Mart (Bless, my dad's heart for getting me and the kids out of the house), we picked the movie up on DVD!!!! It came out on Tuesday and Wal-Mart is the only place you can get it, I think!!! ($13 - go now, they are open 24 hours!! or click on the movie title in the above paragraph and you can get it at Amazon, too, - I'm giving you options here.)  We were so excited to see Chuck on the back cover of the case, too!!!!  Carter was a little hacked off because Chuck's name was not on the back of the case with all the other "important" people, but you know how nephews can be . . . 

Here are Mom and the kids pointing to Chuck on the back of the case . . .

To say we were all excited is a tad understatement.  Carter would yell out in the movie, "There's Chuck!" each and every time we saw him.  LB declared that Chuck did NOT know how to play the violin (that is his part of the movie) - he must have been acting (yes, LB, that is what they call it)!!  We also learned that Damon has NOT been teaching his children the love of country music because when George Strait made his first appearance in the movie,  Damon yelled (as much as Damon yells), "There's George!"  to which Carter replied, "George Bush?" He was shot a look of disgust from his dad!!! I think those CDs are going to be pulled out tomorrow!  It was a cute film with a good message - "To which much has been given, much is expected."  

Not only did we see Chuck, but we also saw his friend, Betsy, in the movie as well.  We looked for Joe Lynn and Will, but they must be on the editing floor - let's face it, guys, Betsy IS cuter than you both!!!

It was a great night at the Willis theatre and we all learned from Chuck and the movie to 
(Click on this link to get the soundtrack, but, remember, Chuck was just
ACTING - he is really not on the soundtrack!!!)

Those Lazy Days of Winter

I have always claimed San Antonio as my "hometown" being an Air Force brat! However, I think I needed to change it to at least "Tennessean" a few years ago.  With that said, in all of my years in Tennessee - which is now 16 or 17 (YIKES!) - we have NEVER had the snow we have had these past few years.  This year already has been unlike any I can ever remember!  We got our third "blizzard" this week and, therefore, have only been to school 1.5 days this week.  I was told that one of the reason for Wednesday's and Friday's "out of school" celebration was due to flu as well.  (Thankfully, that has not hit our house, and I pray it stays away)  However, we have enjoyed it.  

We covered the couch with every blanket and pillow in the house . . .

We claimed "OUR" spot on the couch . . .

We played games . . . 

We tried to convince Momma NOT to take a picture of us . . .

We snuggled down with our best buddy . . .

and blew bubbles with Curious George 
I am so glad that is still a favorite movie! 

All in all . . . we have just been lazy and it has been nice!

Not to say we have been completely lazy - we did clean and redo the playroom and you can now walk into my craft room!!!!  I would say all in all it has been a great, laid back, relaxing week that I have enjoyed with my kids. 

However, after day number 3 (Friday) of being inside with nowhere to go . . . THAT may be a different story!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Almost Snowless Snow Day

Last night about 9 o'clock I got a phone call saying they had decided to cancel school for Wednesday to prepare for THE BIG SNOW STORM that was suppose to be coming.  Fine by us!!!  I let the kids sleep in and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary until my number child (Carter) looked at the clock.  It was then he realized something was not right - even though he had already gotten dressed AND done 3 of his morning jobs for the day!!!!  I, then, informed them there was no school for the day.  It did not take him long to get out of his school clothes and back into the pajamas.  

The rest of the day we waited for the snow . . . .

We played some Just Dance  . . . .
(but thought I had put enough of those pics up on here)

We waited for the snow . . . .

We watched a movie . . . .

We waited for the snow . . . .

LB made some brownies . . . .
(and we all helped clean the cooking tools!)

Carter walked the dog . . . .

By the time he got dressed because it was extremely cold - 
even though nothing was falling from the sky . . . .

The snow had begun to fall - slowly!
Can't you tell he is THRILLED to be going out in it!

By the time Carter finished walking "the circle" . . . .
the snow was falling pretty nicely . . . .

He did not seem to mind walking too much at this point!

and an hour later . . . .

We had a nice snow!

Three hours later . . . 
It is STILL snowing . . . .
Damon has gone to work the late shift at work . . . .
The kids and I are going to have our own devotional at home tonight
because the van is in the shop, and 
then we are going to snuggle together and cheer on our 
as they take on UNC tonight.

I would say it has been a good day and we are looking forward to a REAL
snow day tomorrow!!!

Their (& his) Biggest Fan

Caught this moment with my phone yesterday . . . . The FHU baseball season has begun (yes, on February 8!), but their first game was away.  We were able to stream it over the internet so we could hear the play by play.  Carter did other things while most of the game went on, but 

when the bottom of the 7th came up . . . .
and Hunter was pitching . . . .

This is where we found him.

Hunter did well, btw, despite a loss to the #12 team in the nation.  We are expecting a COLD home opener this weekend.  We shall see . . . . .

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saying Good-bye

I was reading on Pioneer Woman about her 10 blogging tips.  She had some great ideas, but the one I took to heart the most was "Be Yourself."  I loved how she mentioned how she wrote like she talked to her sister.  There has not been much going on this week in our lives, and, I will admit, it has been nice.  However, it has left little to the blogging.  However, today was a sad day  . . . .

It seems like just yesterday I was saying a good-bye like this.  I was not ready for today - really I wasn't.  I kept thinking that this would be postponed a little longer.  I mean, I knew the day was coming.  I had told Damon just last week that I did not think it would be long.  However, it came faster than I was ready for. 

It's hard to say good-bye when you know they are always going to be there - for your best days - for your worst days - for those days you just want to curl up do nothing at all.  I mean you just have some that fit you better than others.  Everyone has a lot of them in your life, but, as with everything, some are just better fit for you!  This is how I felt about  . . . . .


Yes, just a few minutes ago I had to say good-bye.  There was really no other thing to do.  This afternoon I sat on the floor to scrapbook and realized that they were no longer "outside the house" appropriate - even though I completely forgot and wore them outside the house!!! Oops!!!!  I am NOT a clothes horse by ANY means. I think know Damon has a TON of more clothes than I do!!  It's just those fit me.  They wore well.  They knew if I wanted to look cute, comfortable, or just be the mom I am. I know I have others in my closet.  I know they are just as good and, maybe, one day, they will be THAT pair of jeans.  Until then . . .

maybe that blue pair of abercrombie kids sweats will fit the bill!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

"We feel that we have been blessed far beyond any thing that we have deserved;
and though we cannot but pray for a continuance of all these mercies,
we acknowledge our unworthiness of them
and implore thee
to pardon the presumption of our desires"

This has been a very needed low-key week in our house. Not a lot to blog about . . . which is nice for a change.  I found this and had to share! To say I love Jane Austen is a complete understatement, and this quote speaks volumes! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"It is the sweet, simple things of life
 which are the real ones after all."

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