Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friends and Family Celebrating Laura Beth

Alex, Ashley, Sandy, Heather, Riley and Chip (along with Carter on top of the couch and LB)
Gran, Laura Beth and Grandad Willis

The ice cream cake turned everyone's tongue and teeth blue!

Laura Beth and Papa Whittle

Birthday Girl

Laura Beth is now 8! I can't believe it! She is growing up way too fast for me. We celebrated with Sonic lunch at school and cupcakes for the class. When she got home, we let her open some presents. Later that night, Gran, Grandad and college kids came over for ice cream cake and some Wii playing!

We were all so glad to be able to spend a day celebrating our Laura Beth! We are going to celebrate later this summer with a pool party! Can't wait to continue the celebration!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monkey See . . . Monkey Do

One of the things Carter loves about being with the FHU baseball team is helping take care of the field at the end of the games. He will watch (and participate when he can) every move they make as they all work together to take care of the field.
Saturday, Damon and Carter had been outside playing baseball. Damon came in and I asked where Carter was. We looked out the window to find him taking care of his baseball field.
He took his time and cared for the field just like the big guys.
Just like Garrett taking care of home plate
Making sure the dirt is off the field.
The baseball boys called this something which
I don't remember what. However, here
is Carter taking care of the pitcher's mound.
It has to be perfect.

I have always told the college kids to be careful because my kids (and others) watch
I think these pictures prove it.

A Little Pampering

Laura Beth had a case of strep on Friday but after a shot (and some Sonic!) she was feeling better on Saturday. We decided to welcome spring in by giving each other pedicures. She had did a great job giving me a French manicure and added stickers at the end. She wanted a pattern on her toes, so we got to work and added stickers to hers as well.
The finished product. I think we did a pretty good job for a bunch of amateurs!! We can't wait for the next time!
I love spending times like this with my sweet LB. It does not take much but it will be something I will always remember. These are the times!
Can't you tell she is not 100%. She will probably kill me later for putting this picture in here!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Because

Just because we haven't played in a while . . .

Just because it was such a pretty day . . .

Laura Beth and Rhett

Just because we love spending time together . . .

Laura Beth and Mary Katherine

Just because we love this playground . . .

Just because we wanted to run and play . . .

Pearce, Lawson and Carter

Just because of all these reasons and many more . . .
We went to the park with wonderful friends and had a wonderful
Just because . . . .

Aunt Becky/Uncle Damon Time

Monday Damon and I were able to spend some time with our "niece" Mary Beth and her cousin Ella. My mom's side of the family has always been very close and when my children were born my cousin, Jonathan, said he was more like an uncle than a second or third cousin - whatever it would have been. Therefore we have Uncle Jon, Aunt ReRe, Uncle Jason and Aunt Jenny, and my kids firmly believe that their children are their cousins!
We were so excited to have Mary Beth and Ella over for the morning. Damon and Mary Beth spent A LOT of time building with the blocks only for Mary Beth to plow them down and then . . .
burst out laughing! Don't you just love this face!
Ella and Damon played some NERF basketball. Ella loved flying through the air and then jamming the ball through the hoop!

Of course, with little girls, we had a lot of dress up time! The girls loved playing dress up. Mary Beth especially loved the bling!

We hate the reason they had to come over (had a family funeral) but we COMPLETELY enjoyed our time with these two precious little girls!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Hero . . . Another Ball

Saturday was another day spent at the ball park. Laura Beth was with a friend and Damon was at work so Carter and I headed to the ball field to see some of our favorite people play ball. Lucky us, we got to see a double header! In the second game, Hunter (a HUGE favorite of our family's) pitched and Garrett (another HUGE favorite of ours) got to catch. Carter thought that was great! All the guys did an amazing job and got the win! Hunter did such a good job and was given the game ball. He gave it to Carter after the game was over and Carter just beamed! Hunter was even nice to autograph it for him and pose for a picture.
This is only Hunter's first year at FHU but these two guys have bonded so much. My friend, Melissa, tells me when she sees Hunter, she sees Carter is 12-13 years! (Hunter is 6'7, so I hope we are not exactly like Hunter!) Damon and I appreciate these guys so much for treating Carter like one of them. They will never know how much they mean to our family!

100 Points and Going Strong

Here is my sweet girl with some of her new favorite books. Why? Because she has worked super hard and has made it to the 100 point club in her school's Accelerated Reader program. So I thought I would take the time to interview the super reader and let her tell us about some of her favorites!

Mom: LB, what is your favorite book EVER?
LB: Um . . . . That is tough. American Girl books are my favorites!

Mom: Which American Girl?
LB: Kit

Mom: Who is your favorite character to read about?
LB: I love anything Curious George!

Mom: What do you like to read about these days?
LB: horses!!!!

Mom: Who is your favorite person to read about?
LB: I don't have just one. I like to read about the presidents and I am reading a Helen Keller chapter book now.

We are proud of our bookworm and hopes she learns a lot from the books she reads!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luck of the Irish Snack

For St. Patrick's Day, Carter was suppose to take snacks for his class to share. I found this wonderful idea (and peanut free!) snack that was gobbled up by the Kindergarten class. I got the idea from Family Fun magazine. The rainbow was made from RED strawberries, ORANGE cantaloupe, YELLOW pineapple, GREEN pears, BLUEberries and PURPLE pears (the store was out of grapes). We had clouds of marshmallows to go with them.
Carter was so excited to take this special treat to share with his friends.

Bracketology 2010

It's that time of year again - March Madness!!! I can honestly say our whole family has been in on the action this year. We love basketball! Damon cheers for Texas, mainly. I cheer Duke (thanks to my Maryland/ACC country years). LB pulls for Duke as well as Kentucky (What in the world!!, I know!). Carter also cheers for Duke as well as Tennessee (Thanks to Hunter and Garrett) and West Virginia (Thank you, Gallagher). Damon and I have always filled out brackets against each other. However, the past couple of years we have just thrown our brackets away because they were horrible! 2010 is the beginning of a new family tradition -
The Welch Family Bracket Challenge!
Winner gets to choose dinner one night and bragging rights for a year! Who is going to win? . . . .
Carter's bracket is full of upsets - (13) Houston over (4) Maryland, (10) Florida over (7) BYU, (14) Sam Houston over (3) Baylor, (10) St. Mary's over (7) Richmond, (13) Wofford over (4)Wisconsin, and (10) Missouri over (7) Clemson.
His Final Four picks are - (4) Vanderbilt and (1) Kansas out of the West and (8) Texas and (1) Duke out of the East. (1) Kansas will play (1) Duke in the finals with (1) Duke prevailing!

Laura Beth
Laura Beth did not have many upsets. Her only one is (13) Siena over (4) Purdue.
Her Final Four picks are (1) Kansas and (1) Syracuse out of the West and (1) Kentucky and (1) Duke out of the East. Her finals are (1) Kansas and (1) Duke with (1) Duke prevailing!

Damon's big upsets are (12) Cornell over (5) Temple, (10) Missouri over (7) Clemson, and (10) St. Mary's over (7) Richmond.
His Final Four picks are (1) Kansas and (2) Kansas State out of the West and (1) Duke and (2) West Virginia out of the East. His finals are (1) Kansas and (1) Duke with (1) Kansas prevailing.

My big upsets are (10) Georgia Tech over (7) Oklahoma State, (12) UTEP over (5) Baylor, (12) Utah State over (5) Texas A&M, (13) Siena over (4) Purdue and (13) Murray State over (4) Vanderbilt.
My Final Four picks are (4) Maryland and (2) Kansas State out of the West and (1) Duke and (2) West Virginia out of the East. My finals are (2) Kansas State and (1) Duke with, of course, Duke winning!

I am so excited about seeing what comes of all this. We have the taped to the coat closet door and are ready for everything! I am sure there will be updates. May the best (or luckiest) Welch win!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Carter's First Research Project

Carter had to do his first research project at school this week. He was suppose to choose a zoo animal and find 5 facts about this animal. He followed in his sister's footsteps choosing the lion. His 5 facts were:

  1. Lions live in Africa.
  2. Boy lions have manes.
  3. Girl lions do all the hunting.
  4. Baby lions are called cubs.
  5. Lions weigh between 330-550 lbs.

Again, following in his sister's footsteps, he made a power point and wanted to include his favorite lions - the FHU Lions. These are the ones he included:

FHU Athletes are called lions. Here are some of my favorite FHU Lions.

I like to give 5's to the Lion basketball team after their games.
Coach Jason Gallagher
Derek Williford (but I call him D-Willy)
Adam Blackburn and Derek Bush
Garrett Ammons

I got to hear him give his report and he did such a good job! Way to go, Carter! One down and many more to go in your lifetime!

High School Musical, Jr.

We enjoyed a real treat on Friday night as we went to see Chester County Middle School put on High School Musical, Jr for their school play. An even bigger treat was "our" Houston played the part of Gabriella. She was beautiful and did a great job as did everyone involved in the play! We love HSM and we love Houston! Way to go, Houston!

Oh the Things You can be . . . .

East Chester celebrated Dr. Seuss's 104th birthday by doing all kinds of silly days last week. The big day was Friday as everyone came dressed as their favorite Dr. Seuss character. My kids and 2 of their friends decided to dress as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Arika was amazing (she says she is not crafty but I beg to differ!) at making the wigs for them. They had a great time!
My sweet Thing 1 and Thing 2
Being TRUE things

Carter and Lawson as the Kindergarten Thing 1 and Thing 2

Madlyn and Laura Beth as the 2nd grade Thing 1 and Thing 2

This is America to Me

East Chester Elementary School celebrated America with a wonderful patriotic program the March 2. Carter was chosen to hold our country's flag as we all said the pledge and sang the national anthem.
Here is Carter and Laura Beth's friend, Madlyn, getting ready to lead everyone.

Laura Beth and Evan ready to sing

Blake, Carter and Mason sing, "This is America to me!"
Some of the 3rd graders dressed as famous Americans and told us a bit about their life. All the kids did a great job celebrating America!

A Special Game Ball

There are a lot of highs and lows that come with working with college kids. I admit I get very attached and want to see "my kids" do well. 4 years ago (it does not seem that long, though), we were blessed to meet Derek or D-Willy. He came to be a pitcher for FHU but because of MULTIPLE injuries, he has not been able to pitch. He told me before Christmas that he would probably never pitch again. So, we were all surprised when he got to pitch a few weeks ago in a JV game. Recently, he was brought in to be a reliever, pitched 2 innings to close the game, striking out 4 of the 6 batters he faced. We were all so proud of him! Carter, of course, was there to congratulate him. After high 5's, D-Willy pulls out a ball from his back pocket and gives it to Carter. It was the game ball he had earned. Carter was so excited. D-Willy was so gracious and even signed it for him.
Two of my favorite guys!
These guys have NO CLUE how much they mean to my kids and to my family!
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