Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Star Family and Friends

Carter is blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family to support him in his ball playing. He was also blessed to have some wonderful teammates. He had a great time playing with these guys!
RoRo, Carter and Bub
Evan and Carter
Gran, Carter and Grandad
Papa and Carter
Even his sister!
Ryan Hodges came to cheer Carter on -
(It ws after this game I decided I had to get a new lens for
my good camera and I did!)
Coach Jason, Coach Mike, Coach Todd, Coach Devin,
Thanks for a great All-Star Season!
Carter and Ethan
Carter and Ty
Papa John and Mama C came from Texas
to cheer him on!
Grandad and Gran did not miss a game!
Will and Carter
Thanks to everyone who was a good friend, teammate and supporter!

The End of Summer Baseball

The last night we were in the state tournament proved to be a difficult one for more than one reason. We had a terrible storm that pushed games back and then some of the fields were flooded which pushed games even further back. By the time we did get to play, the boys had had it! They did well, but lost the game which put them out of the state tournament.
Bringing in the flag that represents our district
What a great group of boys!
We are proud of you!

The Hottest Day of the Year

The hottest day of the year brought us out to the ball game at 10:30 in the morning. The boys were loving this state tournament thing because they were announced before each game and this morning they played the National Anthem!
The boys lining up as they are introduced.
Ready to play some ball
Carter did very well with his hitting during
the state tournament.

Thank goodness for Frog Toggs - these things were lifesavers!

Trying to get an overthrown ball, but just missed it!
Relaxin' between innings

Pumped about getting the 2nd out of the last inning
Being good sports and shaking hands
with the other team.
We won this game which meant we played again at 5:30 that afternoon. Quick lunch and trip home to rest (and let Momma unload her memory card!).

State Tournament 2010 Begins

Ready to cheer on our boys!
How many places can still say their teams pray before a game?
Thank you, coaches, for your great example!

Up to bat - #22 - Carter Welch
Always ready at second base

It was a long hot game but the boys did well. They did wind up losing this game but we are still very proud of them! They get to play tomorrow! Not done yet!

Opening Ceremonies State Tournament 2010

As part of the State Tournament, the boys were able to go to Pringles Park for their Opening Ceremonies. This park is for the Seattle Mariners' AA Minor League team, so needless to say, the boys thought they had arrived!
Carter taking the field at Pringles Park.
Running the bases
Hayden, Carter and Evan sitting in the Diamond Jaxx dugout
The Team at Pringles Park
Our All-Star
Sliding back into third like the big boys
The parade (Carter is the last one on the row)
I believe this is the "Mom, stop taking pictures of me" look
This was a night we will all remember.

Remembering our Past

I love walking through the national cemetery at Shiloh. This time was even more special because the kids were working on the part for their junior ranger badge that dealt with the cemetery. They foudn graves of Confederate soldiers, drummer boys, one of the generals, etc. It was a chance to explain once again how many people gave their lives for our country. The kids are starting to really get it I think. They remembered the manners we should use while visiting and were telling new friends what all these people gave for our country.

Going over the marching that the drummer boys beat out

I hope they always remember.

The Newest Junior Rangers . . . . .

After months of hard work . . . . and countless hours of research . . . .
I am proud to introduce to you the newest
Junior Rangers in our
nation's ranger program.
Ranger Laura Beth
Ranger Carter Welch
With their special Shiloh badges
Tucker getting pinned
Carter, Mary Katherine, Lilly, Cecily, Evan, Tucker,
Pearce, LB and Ms. Ranger
This junior ranger program is a national program. Search for Junior Ranger program to see all the national parks that have this program. It is well worth it. We can't wait to see other programs!

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