Sunday, September 2, 2012

History is Made . . .

For years now, our elders have been discussing plans to build a new auditorium - one that the entire congregation can fit in for each and every service.  The plans have been made, prayers have been sent up, money has been saved, and now ground has been broken . . . . The new auditorium is going to be built.  After services one Sunday, we held the ground breaking ceremony.
Madlyn, Leigh Anne and LB wait to see the ceremony

Josh and Carter wait for the big event

A huge surprise was the kids being able to take part in the ground breaking . . .
After all, many said it is for them.  This is where some will be baptized, married, etc.
The kids LOVED being a part of it and they made the front page of the newspaper!

We said if it was up to the kids, we would be in the building next month! They were going at it!

Our amazing elders

A Great Way to End the Summer

While I was at a thrilling day of county wide inservice - Damon, Pop and Bub took the kids fishing one last time before school started.  They had the best time and did a fairly good job catching some fish!

LB's first catch of the day that Pop used later for bait!

Carter's BIG catch of the day that is now in the freezer ...

LB's big catch of the day - it got to go back swimming in the pond.

She is so proud!

My two fabulous fishermen!

Thanks, Pop and Bub, for helping them fish!
Thanks, Damon, for taking the pictures!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Loving Cousin Time

Richard and Amy were so good to bring Walker and Lucy to visit us at the end of July.  We love any time we can get with them.  We had a BLAST hanging around the house and spending some time with the trains in Jackson.
Watching Toy Story with Pop and Carter
We went to the Train Depot in Jackson one day. The kids had a blast looking at the models and going through the train cars.

Gran and Grandad with their grandkids

I hate the fact they live so far away, but appreciate each and every time we can get together for just a few days!

Friends can be Friends . . .

even if they don't agree during
college football season . . . 

Photos by Jud Davis

My Little Girl is Growing Up

Photos by Jud Davis

Top 8 in the State - Not Too Bad

The game ended with the boys going to get their district flag.  The boys brought it in proudly - as they should have! They did a great job!

Each kid got a medal to show their participation in the State Tournament.  Here is Carter getting his. . .

Carter and his buddy, Mason, watching the rest of their team get their medals.

What a team! What coaches!
What a season!

Now I have to get ready for school!

3 Games in 5 Hours

Well, the rains finally stopped long enough for us to play some ball after two days off.  Sunday morning we went to church and spent the rest of the day at the ball park.  It was hot and a very long day . . . .

We played Summertown the first game . . . It was so so close . . . We lost 18-14, but the game was a lot closer than 4 runs . . . 

We got a 15-20 minute break and turned around to play Fayette Co. who beat us for District Champs a week earlier.  The game was a great one and we won that game 9-5!!!!!!  I have to be honest - it felt really good to beat them!

We turned around 20 minutes later and played Lexington.  It was a very hard fought game!  We lost 7-4 - the difference being a 3 run home run!  They are a pretty tough team so we were excited to play that closely after playing for so long!

It was a great day and a great season.
Carter was NOT happy the season was over but it was a great season!

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