Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things We Love . . . .

Today we woke up to a NO SCHOOL phone call from Laura Beth's school system!! Between the threat of bad weather and half the school being out with the flu, we have been able to enjoy a day with each other and the things we love. So what do we love . . . . .

Playgroup Time - every Thursday morning, a group of mothers from surrounding congregations meet in the church's gym for a morning of laughter, running and all the snacks you can ever imagine!!! Laura Beth was thrilled to get to go to playgroup since she had not been since October. The kids love being with each other and being able to act like kids in a big open room where they really can't hurt anything. The mothers (and sometimes the occassional father, but they try to stay away!!!) enjoy have quality adult time where we can discuss the lastest tv show, scrapbooking project, venting, and asking what to do with the latest toddler problem at home. We live for playgroup - sometimes the moms more than the kids!!

Webkinz - I tried to stay away as long as we could, but the Christmas season brought each child two different webkinz. So, I am the proud Webgrandmother of Banana Cake (the cheeky monkey), Speed (the cocker spaniel), Taylor (the pink pony) and Kinlee (the alley cat). We have all enjoyed playing the games, decorating the rooms, feeding them and even gardening. Since we are admitting things, I even got hooked - very badly!!! So badly, in fact, that I am now the proud Webmother of Alphie (the bulldog) and Glinda (the koala bear). How many times have I been caught trying to beat the Tower of Tiles or Quizzy's Word Challenge? - too many. However, I do love and live for the kids climbing in my lap (with the laptop) and ask me, "Let's play our game (tile towers) together!!!"

LOST - Damon and I have just discovered this tv series and oh my word!!! I really had a lot of pride that I was not "hooked" on any tv show, but that has all changed. I never get to watch the in shows because they come on at bedtime and that is a very important time at our house. However, my brother, Richard, was more than happy to let me borrow Seasons 1 and 2 and we are hooked!!! We have watched seasons 1, 2 and part of 3 in about 3 weeks. We are avg. a disc a day. Another thing I prided myself on was going to bed at a decent hour which has totally been blown this week!!!! Damon came home for a late lunch while the kids were having quiet time and we were able to sneak an episode in!! Don't tell me what happens tonight though because we are watching it with friends on Saturday!!!

FHU students - Tonight we also get to enjoy some of very favorites - FHU college students on and off the basketball court.
We are very blessed to be the sponsors of one of the social clubs on campus - Phi Kappa Alpha. This club in itself needs a post all by itself and one day will get it. This means every other week we get to spend quality time with them throwing marshmallows at each other, playing dodgeball or just singing praises to our Heavenly Father. Tonight is one of those meetings and we are so excited to get to see our favorites off the court.
We could be considered FHU basketball groupies. We love our Lady Lions (aka baby lions) and our Lions (aka big lions) basketball players. This group of athletes on and off the court have taught my children many valuable lessons and I thank God daily that my children have such wonderful role models. We have been able to show them how these athletes act like Christ on the court on Saturday and then worship Christ on Sunday with us at church. What a blessing!!! Since Laura Beth has started to school we usually have to make a early exit between the girls' and guys' games. We only get to see the guys play on Saturday, but tonight is Guys' only!!! The kids are so excited to be able to see Logan and Michael (their favorite Big Lions) play for the whole game. Let's go Lions!!!

I have always loved rainy days, but this has to be one of my favorites!! I hope you are showered with as many blessings as I have today!!!!

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