Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to YOU - times two!

To say we love our college kids is a MAJOR understatement!! We love celebrating with them in any form or fashion.  This celebration was brought about by TWO birthdays within weeks of each other.  Being such wonderful friends and roommates, they decided to share their birthday dinner together - Thank you, girls!!!!
Anyways, Hayley and Amber invited some of their friends over for a Friday night full of Mexican foods,  Just Dance and basketball (which I am sure they are sick of since they came from basketball practice).  Carter was NOT thrilled with it being an all girl night (Damon was even gone), but wound up declaring it "not that bad."
My sweet birthday girls - Amber and Hayley

My precious girls!

Carter "gave" Amber his Kobe jersey - she got it on, but
almost had to keep it on!!!!!


Carter and Cynthia representing blue shirts -
Cynthia's being Kentucky -
Carter's being as close to Kentucky as he will EVER get!

Thanks for coming over, girls!
We love you!

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