Sunday, September 2, 2012

History is Made . . .

For years now, our elders have been discussing plans to build a new auditorium - one that the entire congregation can fit in for each and every service.  The plans have been made, prayers have been sent up, money has been saved, and now ground has been broken . . . . The new auditorium is going to be built.  After services one Sunday, we held the ground breaking ceremony.
Madlyn, Leigh Anne and LB wait to see the ceremony

Josh and Carter wait for the big event

A huge surprise was the kids being able to take part in the ground breaking . . .
After all, many said it is for them.  This is where some will be baptized, married, etc.
The kids LOVED being a part of it and they made the front page of the newspaper!

We said if it was up to the kids, we would be in the building next month! They were going at it!

Our amazing elders

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