Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pinterest Party: Be My Valentine - The Activity

After our food, we made care packages to take to different families/people
from our community or church family that needed a little cheering up this time of year.
We each made something to put into the box.

Chelsea made these little decorative blocks - super cute!

Bonnie made bird feeders.

Sherry made extra Rolo on Ritz crackers!!!!

Sandy made chocolate covered pretzels.

I made fortune cookies out of scrapbook paper with scriptures in them.
I put them in a Chinese take out boxes.

Sarah gave apples with the tag "You are the apple of my eye!"

Bridget made embroidered handkerchiefs. 

Ashley crocheted heart coasters.

Leah made "Latte" drink mixes.

Allison made rice bags to be heated for our recipients.

Dana made CUTE Tic Tac containers!

Kristen made votives with tissue paper hearts.

The box ready to go with all of our gifts of love!

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