Monday, November 26, 2007

Answered Prayers

Today, God answered a huge prayer of ours - When Laura Beth went for her Kindergarten check up (I know she should not be in Kindergarten), the doctors found her Lymphocites (know that is not spelled right at all!!) were at an elevated level. This means there was some kind of chronic infection in her body, but they could not find it. We had to come back in 6 weeks and when we did the levels were still elevated. A hemoglobinist (know now why I majored in elementary education and not premed) was consulted and thought we could just watch the levels for a little while longer. If the levels did not come back down, we would have to go to a pediatric specialist. So, we asked many of our friends, family, and church family to keep Laura Beth on their prayer list and today was the day we went to have the blood checked again. God is so good and the levels are down!!!!! We are so glad. There was a problem with her white blood cells being low, but he was not as concerned with that. He just warned us that she might catch any little thing with these blood cells being low. We are going to go back in 6 weeks to make sure all is well and that the blood levels are still correct. Therefore, continue to pray that she stays well during this time of year.

Since I wrote so much about Laura Beth (or as she is known by her college buddies, LB), I figured I should tell you how Mr. Carter is doing. He is just 4, but about as big as his big sister. He had a big day today at preschool. They were able to go to FHU's chapel program to see the Pied Pipers (a performing group for children). He declared while being dragged onto the stage that he was NOT going to go up on stage with those people. He was very content to sit in my lap until he figured out he could not see and then proceeded to sit in Gran's (my mom) lap so he could still see what was going on. He does not seem to be a very cautious child at home and in normal surroundings, but in the events like this, we are reminded he is still a very little boy.

I am going to try to add pics today for all of you who have asked to see my big babies. Bear with me if they don't get up today.

Until later . . . .


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