Monday, March 16, 2009

Carter, the Bat Boy

Carter was asked last week to be FHU's Lion Baseball Team's bat boy. He has been asking daily when it was time and today was the day! He was up early, dressed in baseball gear and began the countdown to game time at 9:30 this morning (the game began at 1). Carter loved being with the big guys and they were all so good to him. Carter got to stand next to Adam and D-Willy, two of our college guys, while the games went on. Throughout the game, other favorites came by to stand by him or give him words of baseball knowledge. He stuck the double header out - staying in the dugout for 13 innings!!! At first he was a bit shy, but by the end of the 9th inning, he was the first one out of the dugout giving high 5's to the guys coming in off the field and patting them on the behind, just like the big guys did. Between games, he went out to congratulate the team on the win and helped get the pitching mound ready. He was also told it was okay to go see his parents (the big guys did that, too) but did not spend too much time outside the dugout. Thanks, guys, for making this little kid's dreams come true. He can't wait till the next game!
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