Thursday, March 5, 2009

The New House - The Kitchen

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen. We did not do much to the kitchen - just a fresh coat of paint. I have always loved Coca Cola things. I am not a huge Coke fan as far as drinking it is concerned. I have my weekly or monthly Cherry Coke but that is it. My Grandmama Whittle, though, was a HUGE Coke fan. She would keep the 8 oz. Coke bottles at the house and would have one a day. Having the Coke things also allows me to keep some of our sports memorabilia in the house. Without further adeu, here is the kitchen.




My friend, Sandy, made this tile for me. I love looking at it while I cook.


Arika said...

I love all the Coca-Cola stuff in the kitchen! Everything looks GREAT!

Sasha said...

Lovely!! I'll have to remember you collect Coca-Cola stuff.

Nicole O'Dell said...

So cute! It's really bright and warm!

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