Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 32nd Birthday!

Today I am celebrating my 32nd birthday. It is not a birthday I have dreaded (like my 30th) and it has actually been a good day! I feel good about this birthday and what this next year is going to bring for our family. To celebrate, I thought I would try to think of 32 very random things about me that some of you may not know. We will see who is my TRUE BLUE friends by how many of these you knew!

1. I was 18 days late! Yes, poor Dwina! I was due June 10 and born June 28. Yes, they did TRY to induce!
2. I moved when I was 8 days old to Columbus, MS.
3. I lived in San Antonio (or Universal City), TX three different times in my life.
4. I am an Air Force brat.
5. I went to 7 different schools from Kindergarten-college.
6. I am a history buff!!!
7. I love the WWII time period.
8. I love the Civil War period.
9. In relation to #8, I live an hour from Shiloh and have never been!
10. I have been a Braves fan since it was not cool to be a Braves fan!
11. Dale Murphy is my all time favorite ball player.
12. I love 80s music.
13. I still listen to the New Kids on the Block.
14. I love cookies n cream ice cream.
15. I like to have alone time - once or twice a year.
16. I want to write Bible curriculum when I "grow up."
17. I have a Bible school blog. Check it out here.
18. I love making cards and scrapbooks.
19. I have a card/scrapbook blog that I really need to update. Check it out here but then come back later!
20. I love Milano cookies and have deemed them "Momma only cookies" at our house because they begin with the letter "M."
21. I am a Duke basketball fan.
22. I have been to Cameron Indoor Stadium.
23. Bobby Hurley is my favorite ever!
24. I love to play guitar hero.
25. I can eat a whole can of Pringles in one sitting (and will regret it later).
26. My friends and I "broke" onto the roof of Dixon in college one night to have pics wth the bell tower behind us.
27. I can't seem to take a picture without my mouth being open. (Have got to work on that now that I am 32!)
28. I have read many a book in one day (I can't help it!)
29. I DO NOT like putting up dishes and laundry!
30. I have read Harry Potter #1, 2, 3, and 4 too many times to count (and am reading #4 right now).
31. My kids can probably swim better than I can.
32. I have written professional athletes asking for autographs for myself as an adult - thank you, Chipper Jones and Grant Hill for writing a crazy lady back!

I was going to include a picture of me but really can't find one that I like (see #27). So, sorry for a no picture post! It has been a wonderful birthday - worshipping with our church family, eating lunch with family, getting WICKED tickets (going in Sept!) and getting cricut! What a day, what a day!!!!


Sandy said...

Glad your birthday has been a good one! Nice List!!!

Sasha said...

Enjoyed the list. Happy Belated Birthday! :o)

Star Forbis said...

Great list! Hope your Birthday was happy! I want to see Wicked so bad!! That is so great that you got tickets for your Birthday.

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