Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Edition: "Baseball and Peanuts"

Carter has enjoyed his first week or so of Kindergarten. He loves his teacher and has some of his dearest friends in there with him. One of his friends, Robbie, that is in his class has brittle bone disease. Carter was in preschool with Robbie and has been a good friend to him as Robbie has endured surgeries and sicknesses. He came home from school on Thursday telling me they read a special book about Robbie and his bones. He came home Friday and declared, "I am going to write a book about me to read in school."

Let me take a second to explain why Carter would say this for those of you who don't know about Carter. I have not mentioned it a lot on here because it is something that has been second nature to us for the last 5 years. Carter is DEATHLY allergic to peanuts and peanut products. He is very aware of this and can usually tell you what he can or cannot eat. Starting Kindergarten, we have had quite a few meetings to discuss what is safe and unsafe for Carter and how to handle him should there be an attack. I wrote a note as well as a safe snack list, to all the parents explaining things. It is life threatening and very serious - which not everyone understands.

So, Carter comes home and begins to write his book. This is Carter's first edition of the story. We are working on illustrating it now but hope to have it ready this week for him to take to school this week. I will keep it in his words (and punctuation or lack there of - they have not studied that in Kindergarten yet!!).

Hi My name is Carter
My favorite baseball player is Brian McCann catcher and Albert Pujols fustin base and Matt Holliday leftfield. and thes is about my peanut allery and I have allergy shot and they willy hurt
In baseball favorite position in outfielder
I am a Christian
and my best friend are everyone at my school
and also about my book
I want you to no
I have a dog His name is Chip
He is funny
The English minor in me has helped him edit it and add some more information about his allergy. He helped me complete it and is very proud of his work. Check back later for a glimpse of the future New York Times bestseller!


Sandy said...

Awesome! Can't wait to read more! Good job Carter!!

Sasha said...

I love this! I want to see the final edition soon!

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