Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Never Know . . . . .

I never know what Carter is going to do or say anymore. He keeps me on my toes on more than one level. I have to write these down so one day far down the road, I will remember these sayings that keep me on my toes.

A Bottomless Pit
Coming home from school one day, I asked him how he was liking school. He looked at me with a look of disgust and replied, "We only eat two times a day!" (Clarification here - he eats ALL the time!)

A Limited Vocabulary
One day he was not doing the smartest or wisest things in the house. I looked at him saying, "Carter, could you please engage your brain?" Stopping and scratching his head he said, "How could I marry my brain?" (If he had been 13, I would have thought he was a smart alec but realized that was the only way he had ever heard this word.)

Hearing Aids for a 6-year old?
Carter was sitting at the bar completely engrossed in writing baseball line-ups. I asked him to do something and kept on going. Later, I came back to see that the task had not been done. I asked him if he had heard what I had said. He looked at me and said, "I am sorry, Mom. I am hearing like Pop today - not so good.

Santa's Wish List
Carter had asked Santa this year for a Derek Jeter Yankee jersey. In our house, we have a rule that says, "Momma, Daddy or Santa buys Mets or Yankee things." So, I have been asking Carter if he really thought Santa would bring him that jersey. The other day I asked him what he would do if Santa didn't bring him the Jeter jersey. He thought for a moment and said, "Then I will ask for magical powers! Ha Ha Ha!! (an evil but not-so-evil laugh)" Great!

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