Saturday, November 21, 2009

So Sad

Those of you who follow my blog and see my prayer requests have seen Mallerie Graves' name on my prayer list. Mallerie, at 17 years old, lost her battle with a rare disease (of which I am not even going to try to describe) early in the morning on November 1. I have known Mallerie since before she was born. Her mother, Tina, has cut my hair for forever. Even when we lived in Maryland and Nashville, I would come in for Tina to cut my hair.

The kids took to Mallerie the times they had seen and played with her at the beauty shop. For a year now they have prayed daily for Mallerie and her family. Laura Beth is my "hold it in" child and has not said a whole lot about Mallerie's passing. Carter has moped around the whole day saying how sad he is and has been very clingy.

The big question going around now is "Why?" Carter especially has been wondering why Natalie was made better (another 17 year old who had been diagnosed with cancer that we knew) and Mallerie was not made better. A good question. I am sure many people - including Natalie - are asking that same question.

So here we are - hurting like nothing we have in a long time. Please pray for Tina, Brad and Heath (Mallerie's family), those at St. Jude's who knew and helped her, friends at the high school and our community. It feels like we have lost so many young people in our community and, being so small and so close, it hurts every time because we know each in some way.

As for us, we are trying to stay positive for the kids' sake and holding while treasuring each child a little longer and a little closer than ever before.

St. Jude's is doing such a wonderful thing. Please support them any chance you have. Both Mallerie's family and Natalie's family have teams running in the St. Jude's marathon this year.

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