Friday, January 27, 2012

They're Baaaccckkk!!!!!!!

Jessica and Anna Catherine (along with their parents) took off for a few months on a European semester abroad.  We missed them oh so much, so when they came back, we planned a "Welcome Home" dinner for them!
The day they came home we HAD to go over to see them.
The kids sporting SOME of the souvenirs they brought back for them.
My friend, Jennifer Hart, designed all the paper decorations you see for our Night in Paris theme.  I thought it was just the right touch. 

I found 2 Eiffel Towers at Hobby Lobby that turn into
photo holders to use as our centerpieces.
At JoAnn's I found a slew of Paris inspired products that I got for the girls to take home
with them (as well as the Eiffel Towers).

We dined on chicken and rice, green beans, salad, and southern sweet tea! It was so great to be with the girls again.  We are thankful they had this chance to go, but are so glad they are back in our world again!
I hate that I don't have any more pictures.  BOTH of my cameras died Christmas morning, so I am struggling in more than one way without a camera at the moment.

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