Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In Honor of Those Who Gave it All

so we could have it all.

Being an Air Force brat and a history fan, I try to teach my children all I can about those who have done and given all so that we have the freedoms we have today.  Plus, one of their favorite places in all the world is the National Cemetery at Shiloh on Memorial Day weekend.  So, when the opportunity came for us to go and help place flags on the graves of Chester County veterans, we jumped at the opportunity.
LB placing a flag on Mr. Emmett's grave.
He went to church with us and was Madlyn's neighbor.
We lost him this February.
Cecily did a great job finding the graves and even found a veteran who shares her
birthday. She thought that was great!
This grave is one of one of the oldest veterans - a World War 1 veteran. 

Carter was amazed at how many from Chester County had served.

We saved a flag to take to the city cemetery where my Papa Whittle's best friend is buried.  Brother Jess fought in World War 2 and was the only one from his fox hole to survive one of the battles. 

I really did not know how they would take to this, but they really enjoyed it.  We have plans made for next year as well.  I would encourage any of you to do the same thing in your town. Our kids need to know!

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