Saturday, January 12, 2013

Race for Hope

Today was a very special day where we got to honor a very special lady.
This lady, Mrs. Hope, has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old.
She directed girls' part of the church leadership camp I was able to attend from age 12-18.
Then, I was able to be a staff member and worked under her from the age 19-27 (with two years off).
Next, I was able to work beside her as a co-director from the age of 27-32.
She has always been a huge supporter of mine.
She has always shown love to me and my family.
She has always been there for me,
and today was our day to that for her.

For a few years now, Mrs. Hope has been battling cancer. 
We thought she had beat it, but news a few months ago was not good news.
In spite of all of this, she has continued to run.
She has continued to serve.
She has continued to look for ways to help others.

She has seen a need in the last few months in our community 
where children were leaving school and not having food to eat over the weekend.
So, with support from our church and the school health officer,
she and others have been filling bags of food for these children.
These bags are put into their backpacks on Friday.

This project needed money.
This project needed support.
So, some amazing people with such vision
decided we should all

All the money raised in her honor from this race would go towards
buying food for this project.
The goal was simple - $2000.
The goal was exceeded - $4500+.

Our family can't do much, 
but we figured we could run (or walk in my case).
We could be there.
We could be supportive.
We could show love.

LB, Mrs. Hope and Carter before the race began.

Good friends are the best people to run with!

We were blessed with a great day for January.
71 degrees.
A little overcast.

Mrs. Hope started the race for everyone.
and they were off . . . 

Now, LB and I were suppose to run/walk the One Mile Fun Run/Walk.
However, LB "left me in her dust."
That is ok - she warned me she would.
AC, Jessica and I started out together running.
Then, Jessica "left us in her dust."
She did not warn us.
We saw Carter passing us ON HIS WAY BACK!
This is when AC and I realized we had gone past the turn around for the mile people!
So we kept going a little further.

and on our way back . . . 
LB (who had decided to go ahead and run the 5K) passed us.

In this way she is NOT my daughter!
We all finished.
We all cried.

Some of the Horizons' girls who came to Race with Hope!
We all cheered.
We all celebrated!

LB won first in her age group! (ran in about 30 minutes)
Carter came in second in his age group (ran in under 26 minutes)

I hope they will always remember this day.
I hope they will always remember this lady.
How she loved them.
How she cheered for them - not just today, but every day.
How she looked for how she can help others.

How we and 200 others helped her achieve her dream
as we all
Race for Hope


Jaime said...

The backpack program is so dear to my heart!!! I love stuffing those backpacks for kids here, and at the same time it always makes me tear up.

What an awesome day y'all had for precious children! This post made me tear up.

Praying for your dear friend!!

Sandy said...

What a great post Becky. Glad I could be a part of such an awesome event.

Amy said...

What a beautiful, beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. Your kids will be forever changed for good having been involved in that cause and loved by that sweet lady. God is good.

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