Friday, January 11, 2013

Strength To Do What Is Necessary

In my earlier Bible reading I was reading in Genesis about the "fall of man."  A very well known story to my ears and eyes, but trying to see it through the word "strength" made some things pop out at me.

God gives us the ability to tap into His strength every day.  It is our job to do it.  This is not an easy job like some might think it is.  It is a job that requires humbling yourself to realize you CAN'T do it without Him.  It requires putting other things aside and picking up what matters.  Two jobs many of us just don't want to do.  However, if we don't tap into His strength, we ARE going to fail.  Look at Adam and Eve.  They were in the garden and God was walking around with them, (Genesis 3:8) and they fell.  If they can fall with all the strength they needed RIGHT THERE BESIDE THEM, how much easier will it be for me to fall?

The same day I read about Mary and Joseph and realized what strength both of them must have had in order to do all they were asked to do at the beginning of their marriage.  They could not have done any of what they did without the strength from Him.  We don't study Joseph a whole lot, but what a man of God and a man of strength he must have been to take Mary as his wife, to take Jesus and protect Him - doing whatever it would take.  They were both people who tapped into the strength God afforded them daily because they were willing to do whatever God asked of them in order to protect their (and HIS) Son.

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