Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wrapping Up Week 7 MSYC

On Friday, we went to pick up Carter from camp.
All I found was this . . . .

Really?  Tacky Day was over on Thursday MORNING!!!!
My. Stars.
Despite my asking begging, he kept it on through the silly songs and
awards ceremony.

and even his picture with his counselor Steven.

Then I convinced him to take it off, and well
I just took it off of him so the rest of the pictures could be decent - 
as any picture with him is going to be!

with Scott
with his new BFF, Baylor

with cousin Tom

and Ben

and Matt

and his JC, Robbie

I am thrilled with the fact that Carter LOVES camp!!!
He is already making plans for next year.
Heaven on earth . . . right here in Henderson!

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