Thursday, December 6, 2007

Carter's Time to Shine

Carter and Lawson after FHU Chapel Program

Carter on stage with preschool friends

Carter listening to Mrs. Claus tell a story at FHU Christmas Program

Tuesday and Wednesday were Carter's days to shine at FHU. His preschool was asked to come and participate in the FHU Christmas program. They got to wear pajama pants and special Rudolph shirts (which Carter had on at 6:30 that morning ready to go!!) They listened to Mrs. Claus read a story and then sang Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. They were just too cute!!!
Wednesday was the preschool's day to sing in chapel. They sang their circle time songs including the books of the Old Testament (the college kids were very impressed!!) as well as Christmas songs for them. Carter acted very well on stage and sang in his nice, but loud voice!!! When I asked him how he liked being on stage he immediately said, "I got to see Fergie and Phillip (two of our college guys) and Phillip made faces at me!!!" He enjoyed shining for all to see!! You can go on Itunes and download the chapel program to see it (December 6).

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