Thursday, December 6, 2007

Family Traditions

Our family has a ton of traditions, especially at Christmas time. I don't know why we do, but I am glad. I found myself while we were away for the 3 short years either coming home for those special times or missing being there. Our Christmas traditions start with decorating the Christmas tree. The whole house goes into gear on the day we put the tree up, and for 2 hours nothing else is done in the house. We spend time together laughing, remembering and just having fun together. Everyone has a job to do and if that person is not there to do their job, they are missed terribly. Dad and Richard always had the job of putting the tree together and lights. We missed Richard this year so Carter and Laura Beth "helped" Grandad carry on this part of the job. When the tree is assembled, Mom "fluffs" the tree and then Damon and I put on the lights ( I have to have help reaching the top and going around!!!). Chuck continues by putting the beads around the tree. He says he has no idea why that is his job. However, looking back at my scrapbooks, that has always been his job and he is very good at it. Then comes the time to get out all the ornaments. The first ones on the tree are the new ones that have been given this year. My grandmama and Papa Whittle always gave each of us a new Hallmark ornament each year. Most of them involved some kind of series or theme that went with what we had done throughout that year. I continued my dollhouse series; Damon, his baseball players (he got Big Papi - one of Carter's favorite players), Laura Beth, dolls; Carter, Cars stars Lighting McQueen and Sally. Each ornament is placed on the tree and a picture taken. From there, ornaments of the past are pulled out and the story of that ornament is told - who gave it to us, when and why it is so special. Of course, this is Mother's job, again, and I sit back and tell people where a hole is that needs an ornament.
Some people may think we are crazy, but I think it is great. It is something that as a family we look forward to, we enjoy it and we remember these times with smiles and many memories. This is what families are all about and I am so glad we have these memories and will continue to develop them.

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