Saturday, July 3, 2010

Christmas in May

For Christmas Richard and Amy gave our family tickets to the Braves vs Diamondbacks game. We were all so excited! We took the kids out of school - shame, I know, but we had permission from the principal and off we went . . . .
Richard, LB and Amy walking to the game.
Carter had a rough start to the game with some
car sickness, but got over it pretty quickly.
My little American had to have her picture taken with this
and, of course, Uncle Richard had to be in it!

With Homer
It was Wild Wild West night at the game.
Her daddy would be proud.
What a crew - that were eventually on national
tv!!!! It was too cool!
Carter decided we needed a rally cap in the first inning!!!
We moved seats due to some rain showers,
I think it was good luck because we started
coming back in the game . . ..
Everyone had rally caps at this point . . . .
The Braves won the game in Carter's favorite fashion - a walk off double!!! YAY! Braves!!

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