Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Star Summer

Damon and I have been back and forth about whether we would ever let our kids play All-Stars or not. There were many different reasons for not letting them, but this year there were many reasons to let Carter play when he was chosen. He was so excited that his season was able to keep on going into July. This is the kid that would play winter ball in Tennessee if they had it! He had a wonderful group of coaches again who really worked with the kids and coached them on so many different levels. Carter was a sponge! So July began with District Tournament in Henderson (thank goodness for that!)!
Our All-Star getting ready for Opening Ceremonies
Will, Carter, Ty and Kallen being called out at Opening Ceremonies

He thought Opening Ceremonies was great -
they sang the National Anthem and prayed.
He thought he had arrived!

Time to play ball!
Two of the moms made a sign for them to run through.
They loved this!
On second base ready to play
A serious base runner
LB - a true blue fan!
They won the first game against Middleton 21-1! They did a great job!

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