Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Star Family and Friends

Carter is blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family to support him in his ball playing. He was also blessed to have some wonderful teammates. He had a great time playing with these guys!
RoRo, Carter and Bub
Evan and Carter
Gran, Carter and Grandad
Papa and Carter
Even his sister!
Ryan Hodges came to cheer Carter on -
(It ws after this game I decided I had to get a new lens for
my good camera and I did!)
Coach Jason, Coach Mike, Coach Todd, Coach Devin,
Thanks for a great All-Star Season!
Carter and Ethan
Carter and Ty
Papa John and Mama C came from Texas
to cheer him on!
Grandad and Gran did not miss a game!
Will and Carter
Thanks to everyone who was a good friend, teammate and supporter!

1 comment:

mary said...

what a gorgeous couple. The kids are adorable. Love your blog and all the pics. Have a blessed day.♥

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