Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Before school started back, we took the kids and good friends for a day at the zoo.  We all had a wonderful day!
As soon as we walked into the park, the kids spotted this snake - what is it with us and snakes this summer?  I was able to use my good zoom on the camera to get this close!!!!
Friends Tucker, Carter, Lilly, Evan, LB and Madlyn ready for a day at the zoo!
The newest attraction at the zoo - Old Faithful!
Going through Yosemite Park
Loved getting close to the giraffes!
The bird house was a HUGE hit!  Everyone had multiple birds on their feeding sticks -
well worth the dollar!
Carter in the egg at the petting farm

LB loves her horses!
These two crazy wonderful girls!
Taking a dip in the fountain before we went home!

We all had a wonderful day - what a great way to begin ending the summer!

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