Thursday, August 26, 2010

National Laura Beth Day

Laura Beth has been a trooper this summer going to game after game of Carter's.  So,when his team was put out of the state tournament.  I told her that the next day was "Laura Beth Welch Day."  She could choose - within reason - the day's activities. She began the day waking up at Gran and Grandad Willis' house with all 4 of her grandparents there!!  Then went to Miller's for chocolate doughnuts - which she so generously shared with the rest of us!  She announced later in the morning that she wanted to go eat lunch at Hagy's and then go back to Shiloh (yes, we had just been there 3 days ago) to hear the cannons being fired.  So, we loaded up and off we went!

LB and Carter with Mama C and Papa John at the Tennessee River

The cannons firing at Shiloh
at the Hornet's Nest
Again at the Hornet's Nest -
Down from this monument was a Minnesota monument. 
Carter looked at me and said, "I did not know the Twins fought at Shiloh!"
He also declared that the Hornet's Nest was big enough to place a baseball field.
Always thinking of baseball! 
Showing Mama C where the copperhead snake was the other day.
It was not here today!
We found the Texas monument!!!
Happy Laura Beth Day, LB!
We love you!
Papa John at the National Cemetary
Laura Beth working on her next Junior Ranger badge
Throwing rocks in the Tennessee River

We had a great day! Thank you, LB, for always being such a wonderful fan of your brother!!!

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