Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Days . . . School Days . . . .

I can't believe it is August 3rd and we are going for our first day of school! Crazy!  It is super hot and too early to be heading out, but here we go! I love first day of school pics although this year they make me feel very old!  I can't believe how old the kids are getting (but I am not)!!

Carter and Mrs. Rogers are going to get along great! She loves baseball and the Braves! We are going to have a wonderful year!
LB was actually sick the first day of school and, with it just being a half day, I told her to stay home and get better!! These were of her first day of school - the first full day of the new year! She is so blessed to have Mrs. Dee again this year with the whole group she was with last year.  I am trying to not to think about this being her last year at East Chester. We are just going to love this year each day while we are still here!

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