Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cookin' Up a Great Year!

I feel like I have been eat, breathing and sleeping school since I got back from Carter's state tournament.   However, school is upon us and my room is as close to being done as it is going to get!!!!  I was pretty proud of it.  Most rooms at school have some kind of theme and I decided to go with a red, white and black theme using Chefs.  I am doing the Daily 5 with my kids in reading and we will be learning about the CAFE that goes with it, so that was my inspiration!  

A look into the room from my door.

Another look into my room through my door - my computers, family meeting area, CAFE board and bucket filling station.
My writing station and board.  The different colored buckets match the pockets in their writing folders
so as they work on their writing their folder will move into that bucket.
I got rid of my desk.  This is a look at my adopted grandmother's desk.  She works in any way we need her
and will be a lifesaver.  You also see my world map and our "Today's Special" board.
Doesn't every CAFE need one?

Another look at our bucket filling board as well as the CAFE board.

Computer station and bulletin board area.  We are starting with a HUGE Olympic unit.
We are going to graph the medals from different countries.

My favorite area is the reading center.  My mom was awesome and made this
quilt that matches the room theme as well as pillows for the kids.

Another look at the reading center. . . . 

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