Thursday, October 25, 2012

Literary Ladies: The Wednesday Letters

do I get so far behind?  I had thought about just skipping to the present day, but so much has happened that I want to remember.  Therefore, I am going to try to catch up!

Our book club at church read The Wednesday Letters over the summer.  It was one that had been recommended to us and it was a great read! I loved it and can't wait to read the sequel to it The Wedding Letters.  For the decorations, we went with a bed and breakfast theme since the book takes place at a bed and breakfast.  One of our newest members, Dana, had a dream (Yes, a dream) about the decorations and we let her go with it! She did a great job!

For our meal, we asked the ladies to bring their favorite breakfast foods and oh, how we dined!!! We have never lacked for food at our meetings and I believe the food just gets better and better.  We had everything from grits to fruit to breakfast casseroles to breakfast tacos to muffins to quiches.  It was wonderful!

Adana did a great job leading us in our devotional thought about what we are leaving for our families as traditions and legacies.  Rosemary led us in our discussion about the book.  The ladies love book club so much, so we are moving to every two months!!! I am so thrilled that the ladies are loving this like they do and are so excited about it.  We are growing each time with new members. It is just great to see the love for books and our God shine through.

The next book we are reading is The Master's Wall.

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